How to add more character to your living room?

Living room is a space where you put your feet up after a long day of work and binge watch your favourite TV shows. It is also the place you would invite your guests to for a cup of coffee and a friendly chat. The big dilemma many home-owners face is how to create a space that is not only comfortable to lounge around in but is also inviting, stylish and reflects your personality? Here are some great tips on how to do just that. 

Play around with textures

Incorporating a mixture of different textures, materials and fabrics can add a lot of depth and character into your living room. Therefore, don’t be afraid to be playful with it and introduce unexpected textures or patterns. For instance, instead of going for a plain fabric armchair, how about browsing the wide selection of chairs at VidaXL for something a bit more unique. Brown leather, green velvet or perhaps a fun print? Additionally, different textures can be introduced with the use of cushions, blankets, rugs, curtains, etc.. 

Add a statement piece

Most interior designers recommend choosing a single statement piece in your living room that represents your style and personality. This can be absolutely anything but, most commonly, people will use a stylish fireplace, large pieces of art or a unique high-quality coffee table. Your chosen centrepiece will be the first thing that draws people’s attention when they walk into the room, while the rest of the decor can beautifully compliment it. 

Use a pop of colour

Using colour is another simple yet highly effective way to add a bit more personality to a living room. Now, you can go big and bold with it by, for instance, painting one of the walls a lush emerald green. Or, if you prefer to be a bit less risky, you may add a pop of colour through smaller, replaceable items, such as sofa throws and cushions, a small rug, light fixtures or plant pots.

Incorporate personal items

What a better way to show a bit of personality than by literally using your own personal items to decorate a space? There are a lot of fun and stylish ways to do this. It is not uncommon to see people hang pictures of their loved ones on the walls or display art that they created themselves in a living room. Another great way to do this is by showing off a collection of yours: whether that’s books, pottery, vintage cameras or postcards from the places you’ve visited. 

Add plants and flowers

You simply cannot go wrong with plants and flowers in your living room. They do a great job of livening up the space and adding a bit of much needed greenery to it. Plants are also a brilliant way to bring nature into your home, which also makes you feel calm and relaxed. You can also let your personality through the types of plants or flowers you choose – are you going for earthy and simplistic or bold and colourful? 


All in all, designing a room that has character and reflects your personality well is much simpler than most might think. While you can invest in larger, high-quality pieces for your living room to achieve this, there are also so many smaller ways to do it. Don’t be afraid to get creative, bold and playful with it!

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