How to Add CBD to Your Lifestyle

Many people use CBD as part of their daily routine, and if you want to join them to see if it can benefit your lifestyle as well, you may have questions about the different types available and how they can fit into your day. You may already know somebody who uses CBD yourself, but if you don’t have the same lifestyle as them, you are likely to need guidance on finding the right solution for you.

This isn’t always easy, as CBD is available in many different products, but this quick overview of what is available may cast some light on the subject.

When Is the Best Time to Take CBD?

In short, it doesn’t matter, as it is unlikely to make you drowsy if you take it in the morning or keep you up if you take it before bed. It is more a case of taking it when it fits in with you. For instance, if you already take vitamins or supplements in the morning, you could take them then. You might want to take it ‘as and when’, if you need to, during a tough day. You might instead want to take it just before you go to bed, as part of your wind-down routine.  

What Form to Take CBD In?

As you might have seen already, CBD is available in various forms, and it is a case of finding whatever fits your lifestyle.

CBD Gummies

These can be taken whenever you want, and many brands often come with added multivitamins or supplements that help with effects of the menopause. This makes them perfect to take first thing in the morning with any other supplements, but they do take longer to act than the alternatives, so you might not feel the benefits until closer to lunchtime


This can work faster than gummies – you should feel the effects within an hour – and can be taken in the morning, along with any other supplements you take. These might also be of use in the evening to aid with relaxation after a tough day (which is probably most days at the moment). This can be taken in the form of capsules or as a drip of oil under the tongue.

Dry Herb Vaporizers

This is probably the fastest solution, although that is likely to depend on the model of Weed Vape you choose. This device heats the herb, and you simply inhale the vapor. This can be taken as and when, provided you have a portable device, and might fit well into your working day. These can also be used as an on-demand puff of CBD as they act quickly, which is not true of either oil or gummies.

Final Thoughts

The wide availability of CBD products makes fitting it into your lifestyle very easy, if you pick the right solution for you. Vaporizers offer the most flexibility, but you can, alternatively, use gummies or oil, if that is your preference.

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