How the Digital World is Transforming the Life of Mums in 2023

It doesn’t seem far-fetched to say that in the past, the idea of mums ‘having it all’ seemed distant and unattainable. Balancing the responsibilities of a loving parent, a dedicated professional, and a fulfilled individual felt like an impossible challenge. Yet, in today’s dynamic world, the ongoing technological revolution has proven to be the crucial catalyst for transforming these outdated norms and empowering women to break through the barriers of the previous patriarchy. Join us as we dive into how the digital landscape in 2023 is reshaping the lives of mothers, offering newfound possibilities and support in their diverse roles.

It’s All in the Apps

In recent years, several innovative apps have emerged designed to alleviate the challenges separated mums face. Single parenting can be incredibly complex, particularly when break-ups are less than amicable. However,  ExpressVPN’s blog piece highlights the role of apps like OurFamilyWizard in simplifying the intricacies of co-parenting. These apps allow parents to upload schedules, school documents, and expenses, eliminating the need for uncomfortable phone calls or face-to-face interactions, which can be less than ideal for some. The introduction of co-parenting apps has transformed the landscape for parents going through separation, converting what might have been an overwhelming and stress-ridden journey into something much more attainable and harmonious. Another feature of the OurFamilyWizard app filters out inflammatory language, fostering only respectful and considerate interactions. Separating from a long-time partner is never easy, especially when children are involved. However, for some who may feel compelled to stay in an unhappy relationship for the sake of their kids, these apps offer a glimmer of hope that the journey of being a single mum might not be as challenging as it initially seems. And let’s be honest, having an app that allows you to efficiently co-parent while deleting your ex’s phone number? That’s a game-changer for many going through tough break-ups. 

Online Organisations

Today, online organisations and platforms are playing a pivotal role in empowering mothers to redefine their lifestyles and aspirations. These digital avenues offer opportunities for mums to upskill themselves, boosting their confidence and enabling them to achieve more than ever before. Organisations like TechMums are actively supporting women in gaining digital literacy and tech skills, opening doors to career possibilities in the ever-evolving tech industry. 

TechMums is a community of over 10,000 mums who are passionate about using technology to improve their lives for the better. TechMums’ founder, Sue Black, emerged from a difficult domestic violence situation, which ultimately inspired her to establish TecMums. Her vision was to empower women facing similar challenges, offering them a path towards financial independence and self-confidence. In many cases, women trapped in abusive households grapple with emotional burdens, doubting their worth and their potential to stand on their own. Sue’s own journey stands as a living testament that these doubts are unfounded, and with the assistance of online programmes and resources, mums can regain the confidence to break free from such environments. Sue’s story and the mission of TechMums offer a beacon of hope for those seeking a brighter future beyond adversity. 

The Revolution of Remote Working

For many mothers, juggling the demands of a job and a family used to be a logistical puzzle. But now, thanks to remote work, they’ve been granted a balance. Working from home and having flexible schedules means they can be there for school drop-offs, pick-ups, and all the little moments in between. Time Magazine highlights how notions involving women being able to ‘have it all’ are now extremely outdated due to the rise in remote work. Without the burden of the dreadful daily commute, working from home can save women an average of 72 minutes per day! This gives them more time to be productive elsewhere, such as picking up the household slack or setting some ‘me time’ aside to work on their mental health.

Digitally Transforming and Empowering Mums Everywhere

In a nutshell, the digital world has undoubtedly enabled mothers to lead better lives, offering convenience, support, and opportunities that enhance their roles as parents and individuals. It has redefined the concept of ‘having it all,’ allowing mothers to embrace their multifaceted roles with greater ease and satisfaction, ultimately making their lives richer and more fulfilling.

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