How much money does it cost to build a house

Need help with the estimated amount of building a house? Don’t worry at all, as we’re here with the information on the approximate expenditure of building a house. Almost everyone dreams of owning, buying, or creating a home. To live this fantasy, some people prefer buying a new house while others are inclined to build one. Interestingly, both are right due to their various factors and perspectives on living.

If you are obsessed with building a house, this article is your thing. To understand the basics of home building expenditure, you must wonder how much to build a house and what important elements influence the overall cost of constructing a property. This article depicts home building costs that every person who wants to build a house must know.


Estimated cost of building a house:

When you understand the importance of having an estimated amount in your mind, even before the work starts, you don’t take any unnecessary burden that creates a chain of doubts.

Cost according to per meter square:

A home building in the UK costs around £1,400 to £3,000 per square meter. This measure has been used worldwide to get an absolute answer to the estimated cost of constructing a house. With this, you can gather quality insights into decent budgeting and planning for building the new property.

Pricing of installation of a 3-bedroom house:

A 3-bedroom home can be built for roughly £126,000 to £300,000. Also, you must arrange a minimum space of 90 to 120 square meters to build a 3-bedroom house. In addition, you have to know that this price range doesn’t depict the actual rate determined after fixtures and fittings settings are considered.

Cost of building a 4-bedroom house:

You required a place of 140 to 200 square meters to execute the construction of a 4-bedroom house. Again, this increased size comes with an increased range of building a 4-bedroom house, around £196,000 to £500,000. Also, don’t neglect the additional expenditures that vary per your choice and may fluctuate the overall cost of building a 4-bedroom house.

Expenditure of construction of a 5-bedroom house:

To be privileged from a 5-bedroom house, you must pay around £280,000 to £600,000. It demands a space of 200 to 240 square meters to initiate the construction.

Considering the small changes in these bigger houses can massively affect your expenditure. So always keep a keen eye on the cost of small changes, whether it’s a big house or a small house.


Estimated cost of important elements in building a house:

Building a house can be irritating if you don’t calculate the cost of all important elements before constructing. Here is an in-depth explanation of it:

Cost of New Home Foundations:

Laying a new home foundation costs around £95-£280 per LM. It is the very initial stage of executing construction for a house.

Construction costs:

Based on concrete blockwork, your new house’s load-bearing walls will account for around 15% of the build cost. You have to pay more for construction systems such as oak frames or insulated concrete, structurally insulated panels, and timber.

Floor Structure Costs:

A beam and block floor solution typically costs around £200-£250 per m². A solid floor structure is needed to ensure a strong base for rooms.

Roof Structure:

The roof structure is the most important part of building a house as it adds elegance. The starting price of the roof structure is £2,000, and it goes up to £6,000+. However, you may also observe cost variations per your specific choices.

External Cladding Costs:

The following points demonstrate the cost of different external cladding options:

  • uPVC cladding costs £60-£100 per m².
  • Timber cladding costs ££180 per m².
  •  Aluminum cladding costs £200-£230 per m².
  • Rubber cladding costs £70 – £90 per m².

Drainage Expenses:

A strong drainage connection is required in the home building procedure. Drainage costs can vary from the shape of the digging to the cost of any required licenses. You can choose drainage pricing ranging from £4,000 to £24,000 or more.

Electricity Costs:

A one-bedroom house’s electricity costs around £3,000 to £4,800. It is true that the larger the size of the house, the higher the electricity costs. That’s why a five-bedroom house costs around £7,500 to £12,500.

Plumbing Charges:

A plumbing system can be functioned for roughly £13,000 to £24,000 or more. It also fluctuates according to the size of the property. A 2-bedroom- and 3-bedroom house cost approximately £14,500 and £19,000, respectively.

Carpentry Costs:

The carpentry costs depend on the carpenter’s rate. It is somewhere around £240 to £360 per day.

Plastering Costs:

Again, it depends on the plasterer’s rate, around £300 per day. Although, you can plaster a wall according to the cost per meter square, which is around £24 per meter square.

Tiling Costs:

For tiling walls and floors, you can expect to pay around £110 per square meter, including materials and labor. It is like a final flourish to the home building.

Flooring Costs:

Below are some average flooring material costs in the UK:

  •  Prices for wooden flooring range from £30 to £200 per m².
  •  Parquet flooring costs between £35-£100 per square meter.
  •  Bamboo flooring costs between £18-£33 per m².
  •  Polished concrete flooring costs £120 – £150 per m².

 In addition to the material cost, you should invest between £240 and £300 per day for manpower costs while laying your flooring.


Consider all these above-mentioned points to understand the total expenditure in homebuilding. With all these points, you can understand the core points of building a brand new property that reflects as a dream come true for yourself.

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