How do your finances affect your health?

Your health and your wealth are closely connected. You don’t have to be hugely wealthy to enjoy good health, however having healthy finances and a good relationship with your money will certainly boost your general health and give you a brighter outlook. 

If you want to keep yourself healthy both physically and mentally, you need to start looking after yourself financially. If you already have health concerns, you should talk to local support services and find out if there are already schemes in place to help you. If you’re a veteran for example, you should look at the VA disability calculator. This provides estimates of your combined disability percentage and monthly payment amounts. A good military lawyer will be able to help you to obtain the benefits you have earned.  If you’re healthy right now, you want to keep it that way. Physical and emotional issues are linked with stress and concern about money, which is why taking a look at your current financial situation should always be a priority. If you’re hoping to start saving for yourself or your kids – click here to find out more about Junior ISAs – read on. 

So, in what ways do your finances affect your health?

Digestive issues

When you’re worried about your finances, stress and anxiety quickly set in. And one of the most common side effects of financial stress and anxiety? Painful digestive issues. From IBS flareups to cramping and stomach aches, digestive issues are incredibly disruptive and painful. Also, when people are concerned about money, their diet can often take a back seat, prompting poor dietary choices such as fast food, and food with low nutritional value either as comfort or because it’s a cheaper option. This also leads to digestive issues.  

High blood pressure

Worrying about your debts, not being able to pay the bills and mounting financial costs, all of these can lead to a rise in your blood pressure, which is, in turn, can create all kinds of health issues. Strokes, heart attacks and in extreme cases, aneurysms. Working on your finances and taking back control will help keep your stress levels low and in turn, reduce your blood pressure.  

Avoiding the doctor

If you have to pay for medical care, and you’re currently struggling with your finances, then you’re probably going to avoid visiting your doctor and put it off for as long as possible. This can make your initial medical issue worse!


You’re stuck in a financial rut and there’s no end in sight. You can’t afford the things you want or the better quality of life you so desperately want for your children. It’s enough to make anyone feel depressed. Therefore, looking after your finances and seeking help where needed will make you feel much better about your current financial standing. 


Anxiety can lead to all kinds of bad habits, from avoiding family and friends to smoking, alcohol and even recreational drugs. Anxiety is incredibly crippling, so seeking help for your finances and your mental concerns should be your next step.

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