How Custom Photo Frames Can Help Sell Your Photography

Are you one of the 73,000 professional photographers in the UK? Perhaps you’re practising photography as a hobby and trying to make some extra money? Whatever your reason for creating stunning images and wanting to sell those images, it is a top priority to increase the value of the images as much as you can. 

Professional giclee printing, custom print sizes and high-grade photography paper all contribute to the physical value of photographs, as well as digital options to enhance access to your work. 

What you may not have considered, is custom picture framing as an easy way to not only enhance the value of your photography, but the amount of sales that you achieve, too. It has some incredible benefits that could help you take your photography sales to the next level. Let’s take a closer look:

What Is Custom Photography Framing? 

Custom photograph framing is where you choose a frame for your photography that suits the mood, application, style and texture that you feel matches the photograph. 

The best companies will offer handmade, made to measure frames using sustainable woods like walnut, oak and tulip. Many trusted companies will have over 1000 frame choices and colours to choose from if you visit in-person, and a comprehensive selection to choose online. 

Those ordered online are likely to be dry mounted, with more options available in-store. Bespoke framing can be matched with custom giclee prints, and many premium framing companies will offer bespoke framing ranges from 8 X 10 inches all the way to 40 X 50 inches, as well as panoramic formats and A sizes. 

How Can Custom Photo Frames Help Sell Your Photography?

There are many ways that custom photo frames can enhance the sales of your photography, and here are just some of them: 

Added Gift Value

At a time when there are so many items that are generic and boring, and when we are all living at a challenging economical time, customers want something different, and they want value for money. Handcrafted items that stand out, that are read-to-go, and that make great gifts, are more valuable than something generic. or that require more work to complete the ‘finished look’. When you sell your bespoke framed photography at a craft fair or Christmas fair, you offer your customer a unique piece that is of an enhanced value compared to something like a single print with protective plastic wrap. You can charge double the price of the print or more when you frame it, giving you much more opportunity to make money from your work. 

Time For Creativity

Framing takes time and is best done by the experts, who can do it quickly with exceptional results. This time and energy saved by you ensures you have more time creating more beautiful images to sell. Although it isn’t a direct sales benefit, ultimately the more stunning work you have to sell, the more you’ll profit in the end. 

Drop-Shipping Provides The Whole Package

Your customers will be able to not only choose the size of the print, but also the custom framing to match. This can happen with the utmost convenience using drop-shipping services that are involved directly from the placement of the order (on the website you choose to list your services) where they then print the photograph and frame it, and send it out to the customer. These days, customers want choice and convenience, so this kind of added service to your business is of real benefit. 

Your Creative Control

Framing is a natural pairing for photography, and ultimately if used in the right way, it can give you so much more creativity when it comes to your work. When it is displayed, the texture, colour, tone and other specifics of the frame can draw out colours, highlight certain features of the image, and contribute to a general brand theme you may have. This adds value to the product and elevates your brand, further boosting the success of your photography business and amount of sales. 

Customer Creative Control For Photography Services

If you offer bespoke photography that is not only creative, but rather a service (weddings, nights out, childrens photos, pet photos etc), customers will love the chance to choose the photo size and framing themselves when they receive their photos. With photography printing and framing dropshipping services you can provide the opportunity for customers to view digital versions of their photos, and to take control over the size and framing options, so they receive the perfect photography package at the push of a button. 

Growth Expansion Without Risk

Adding custom photography framing options to your services through a dropshipping service means that you can expand your photography business with minimal risk. This extra option, as well as print dropshipping, means you can broaden the opportunity for your personal brand to grow without having to commit to lots of initial spending, and without a risk of consequences from the growing pains that all businesses go through. 

Why Not Speak To A Custom Framing Company Today To Find Out How They Could Help Boost Your Sales? 

If you would love to utilise custom photo framing to boost the sales of your prints, speak to a professional framing company today. Companies like Beyond Print can provide pristine prints and high-quality framing in various formats, including dropshipping. Why not find out about their services today to see just how easy it is to add custom framing to your roster and enhance your sales as a direct result? 

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