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How Busy Mums Can Get More Time To Themselves

It can be difficult to get enough time to yourself as a mum. Swapping between caring for your children and other life commitments can hinder your personal time. You might no longer get time to yourself or pursue the things you enjoy. 

However, this can easily be improved so that you can get more time for yourself.
Here are some tricks for busy mums so you can get more time to yourself, pursue your passions, and practice some TLC

Invest in a new hobby

If you never get time to invest in a hobby, now is the time to start one and make time. There might be something you have wanted to do for some time, yet put it off due to feeling bad for leaving your other commitments behind. 

You do not need to leave your commitments behind. Instead, you can delegate your time effectively so that you have time to pursue habits. 

For example, you might have a desire to go ghost hunting. If so, all you need to do is delegate time and invest in the equipment so you can pursue the idea. 

At SpiritShack you can find the best ghost-hunting equipment to fulfil your ghost-hunting hobby and its requirements. 

Do fun things with your children

Should you feel like you are not having enough fun, you should consider having more fun with your children so you can maximise your enjoyment of what you do. 

For instance, you could spend more time watching funny movies or playing outside with them. Although they need to spend time doing homework, it is a good idea to allow them to have a fun time so you can enjoy a fun time too. 

Having more fun and enjoying more entertainment with your children will guarantee to enhance your bond and ensure you both get plenty of time to unwind and relax.

Dedicate time

If you feel you do not get enough time to enjoy yourself or relax, then you must dedicate time. 

Dedicating time to relax and practice self-care will allow you to make time for yourself. It might mean making space every Sunday morning to do a face mask, head to a yoga class, have a bath, or do anything else you enjoy doing. If you make time for yourself and put it in your calendar, you will be more likely to stick to it and ensure you get more time to yourself. 

Priortise self-care

The more self-care you practice, the more you will delegate time to pamper yourself and treat yourself. Whether you are a stay-at-home mum or you work, you deserve time to pamper yourself. 

For example, if you prioritise self-care (such as long walks, baths, pilates classes, making nice food, and more) you will have plenty of chances to unwind and relax. Self-care moments are the best times to focus on how you feel. 

Take regular breaks

If you feel you do not have enough time to relax between busy periods, you probably are not taking enough breaks. Regular breaks will give you the opportunity to calm your mind and maintain a healthy presence so that you do not get bombarded with the stresses of daily life. 

Taking regular breaks could be as simple as practicing taking work breaks every two hours or taking a break from mum’s life by going out for walks or taking a bath when your baby is sleeping. You will know your schedule and when will be best and most suitable to take breaks. Therefore, ensure to prioritise and practice taking breaks so you can enjoy more time for yourself throughout the day. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help 

As a mum, it can be easy to let tasks get away with you and for you to feel stressed by having too much to do. If you feel you do not have enough time or hands to commit to your daily tasks, don’t be afraid to ask for help. 

You can easily attain more time for yourself as a mum if you ask for help. You could ask a friend to care for your child when you attend appointments or ask a nanny to take care of your home and child when you have a work trip to embark on. Whenever you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for an extra set of hands so you can attain a healthier lifestyle balance. The more help you seek, the more time you will get to yourself and the calmer your mind will be. 

Get more sleep

It is essential to get plenty of sleep. A lack of sleep can hinder your health and cause unnecessary stress. 

It is advised for most adults to attain between 7 and 9 hours each night. Therefore, try to aim for this so you can feel well-rested and maintain good health. When your baby is young, it might be difficult to get this much sleep. However, there are ways to get more sleep. 

It could be as simple as sleeping when your baby sleeps or having power naps throughout your work day at home when your children are at school. If you feel tired, don’t avoid sleeping or napping as you might need it. Sleeping is a great way to get time to yourself and enhance your health. 

Write lists

If you lack a balanced lifestyle and often feel that life is too much, it can be a smart idea to make lists. The more planned out your days are, the easier you can keep track of what you need to do. 

Writing lists will ensure you can complete everything you need to. You could write a ‘mum’ list and a ‘life’ list so that you can ensure to make priorities and complete things in good time so that you don’t end up having too much to do. 

Connect with other mums

Connecting with other mums is a great way to stay social and get time to have fun. For instance, connecting with other mums in the school playground can help you make new friends go for coffee with or head to gym classes with them. 

Plus, it will give you a way to lean on other people in the same situation. You won’t feel as guilty going for coffee dates if you go with other mums, as they will also be doing the same thing (bringing their children along or leaving them at school).

At-home lifestyle balance

Achieving a healthy at-home lifestyle balance is essential if you want to feel like you get enough time for yourself. For instance, if you put your child, their feeding times, play times, etc, first, you will never get a minute to yourself. 

If you manage to multitask and commit to putting your child down for a nap while you clean the dishes and tidy the house, you can achieve more at once and ensure you do not work all hours of the day.

Don’t say no to events

Although you might feel guilty asking someone to care for your child when going to an event, it is important to remember that you still need to live your life. If you say no to events, you will never get time to do the things you love and socialise. 

Therefore, stop saying no to events and say yes more if you can make it work. For example, your colleagues might keep asking you to late-night drinks with a new client. This could attain you more business and success. Hence, saying yes and asking a friend to babysit could allow you to enhance your career while ensuring your child is cared for. 

Wake up earlier

If you want more hours in the day to commit to mum life, work life, and more, then it is a great idea to wake up earlier. The earlier you wake up, the more time you will get to yourself before your child wakes. 

This can be more of a challenge during their early years, as they will likely wake up before you. However, the older they get, the more time you can get to yourself in the morning. You could use this time to practice self-care or even finish the household chores so that you have restored balance and feel calmer. 

Earlier mornings are a great time to achieve things that you do not normally get time to do. 

As a mum, it is important to stop feeling guilty when you need to put yourself first. Yes, your child will be your top priority and you will want to put them first. However, if you never make time for yourself, how are you supposed to achieve and maintain better health and happiness?

Using this guide, you can ensure to achieve the best lifestyle balance as a mum and get more time to yourself. Whether it means writing more lists, dedicating time, or having more fun with your child, there are easy ways to reduce stress, maintain balance, and get more time to yourself. 

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