Home decluttering tips for busy parents

Being a parent can make your schedule become pretty hectic and mean that looking after the house is that bit more tricky, especially if you are balancing work with looking after your kids and keeping the home nice and tidy.

To help you out, we have come up with these sensible home decluttering tips and pointers for busy parents. 

Send things you no longer need to the charity shop

The average volume of household waste in England alone amounted to 399 kilograms per person in 2020. Part of looking after the planet is reducing the amount of household waste your send to landfill, there’s no need to chuck out items such as household furniture, clothes, kitchenware and so on that you no longer want that can easily be used by other people. 

Equally, you don’t want items you no longer want to continue to clutter up your home and take up space. So, try sending household items you no longer need to a charity shop. Different charity shops will accept different items, so don’t think that it is just clothes you can send them, many also accept sofas, cupboards, televisions, and such. 

Be organised about home cleaning and make sure the kids chip in

To help you be more organised about home cleaning, why not set up a cleaning rota sheet and pin it up outside bedrooms and bathrooms in your home for instance? It may sound a bit regimental, but it is a sensible organised way to keep your home nice and clutter-freed

Also, don’t be afraid to ask your kids to chip in too and assign them tasks where they do their bit and help clean the house! After all, doing a few household chores can help to teach your children life lessons about hard work and responsibilities. 

Do little bits of decluttering every day

Every little effort helps when it comes to keeping your home clean and tidy. Therefore, why not make sure you do a bit of decluttering every day? That includes arranging furniture, cleaning kitchen items, wiping surfaces, dusting, mopping, sweeping, hovering, disinfecting bathroom areas, keeping the floor clutter-free and so on. It may sound a lot, but doing a little of any one of these tasks each day will contribute to keeping your home decluttered and ready for your family, plus any guests, to enjoy. 

Get built-in home storage units

Built-in wardrobes, cupboards, and shelving units can help to keep your abode nice and tidy. Pigeon holes can help to store ornaments, books, indoor plants, clothes, and all manner of household items. Try getting built-in storage units that fit around the shapes of your rooms and help to maximise space.

Wall hanging baskets

Wall hanging baskets on hooks dotted around your home is a wise storage idea that can help to keep your home floor space lovely and clean. Remember to make sure your hanging baskets and made from sturdy material, such as hemp, canvas, fibre, or strong wire, you want something that will stand the test of time and store your household objects safely.

Use plastic storage containers 

Plastic storage containers can do a great job of helping to keep your home decluttered. Try to get size-appropriate storage containers. For instance, larger plastic containers will be necessary for storing bedding. 

Use under-the-bed storage

The name of the game when trying to keep your home decluttered as a busy parent is making use of all possible storage spaces. Ottoman beds and slick-shaped plastic storage containers are great ideas for under-the-bed storage.  

Hire a self storage unit space

Do you have household items that take up a fair amount of space that you aren’t ready to get rid of and want to store somewhere safe and secure? Why not consider hiring a storage unit you can access at your convenience with a reliable self storage facility provider? If you are hoping to rent a self storage unit space, take a look at Now Storage Basingstoke where you will have access to your storage at your convenience seven days a week. 

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