Holiday Ideas for Fitness Lovers

For a lot of people, holidays are a chance to lie on a beach and relax. However, if you’re a fitness lover and can’t stand not being on the go, you probably want a holiday that is packed full of adventures and opportunities to move your body. If you’re struggling for ideas for your next getaway, take a look at the following list and consult with London leading personal trainers to get ready for any intense hikes.

Yoga retreat in Bali

Blend relaxation with fitness by going on a yoga retreat in Bali. Yoga is one of the gentler forms of exercise, but that doesn’t mean you won’t break a sweat. Retreats typically focus on not only exercise but meditation and spirituality as well. You’ll be able to stretch and strengthen your muscles on the beach and in lush jungles, quieting your mind and feasting your senses on the beautiful landscapes.

Water sports in Australia

Known for its unique biodiversity and warm weather, there’s really no better place to try water sports than Australia. Whether you fancy scuba diving and exploring coral reefs, trying your hand at surfing or even dabbling in jet skiing, Australia has you covered. If you’ve never tried water sports before, don’t worry, Australia’s instructors are incredibly experienced and can guide you through everything you need to know to stay safe.

Hike the High Inca Trail

If you want to pair culture and history with your adventures on holiday, Peru’s Inca Trail is a perfect choice. Not only will you be completely immersed in unforgettable landscapes, but you’ll be pushing your body to its limits. The hike isn’t for everyone, so make sure you do some training before you set off. Lots of people train in the local countryside, but you can also hit the gym and set a steep incline on the treadmill.

Skiing in Switzerland

Lots of people from the UK go skiing every year and there’s no place more beautiful than the Swiss Alps. Switzerland might be on the pricier side, so if budget is a concern you could hop over the border into France instead. Ski resorts are very accommodating and are suitable for both beginners and experts. If you want to try something a bit different, opt for snowboarding on your next visit to some snowy mountains.

Climb Mt. Snowdon

A destination closer to home, Mt. Snowdon in Wales provides holidaymakers with a great opportunity to flex their climbing skills. If you’re at a grade 2/3 climbing level, you’ll be able to scramble up the sides of this impressive mountain. Alternatively, it’s also possible to hike up Mt. Snowdon if you fancy a change of pace or are travelling with non-climbers.

There are hundreds of holiday destinations that are well-suited to people who love exercise. Always research places before travelling and read about other people’s experiences there. Don’t forget even city breaks are bound to have fitness classes available to tourists who want to work out during their stay.

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