Health And Beauty For Him: Getting Your Man Looking And Feeling His Best

Looking after your man can be a full-time occupation. They can be great a fixing everything but their looks and their health. Invest a little time and money in your man, however, and the results can be astounding. Here are some of the top health and beauty tips for men that you can use to get your man looking his best, for him and you.

Help Him With Hair Loss

Hair loss affects many men. Male pattern baldness affects around half of all men, and though its effects may not be noticeable until they are in their thirties or early forties the symptoms often appear sooner. You can slow down or even stop hair loss with the help of Finasteride. This prescription medication is available online after a short consultation.

Finasteride is very effective for hair loss, especially male pattern baldness. You can get Finasteride from Oxford Online Pharmacy and have it delivered to your home the next day. They provide a free online consultation to get your prescription, and orders made before 1 pm are usually dispatched the same day.

Skincare Is Him-Care

Whether your special someone is in his early twenties or thinking of retirement, he should be taking better care of his skin. Most men do not have a skincare regimen, and it shows. This is an opportunity to share some of your tips and tricks, share some pampering at-home spa days, and design a skincare routine specifically for his skin.

Get the basics covered first. He will need a daily cleansing, toning, and moisturising regime to get him started. Think about throwing in a weekly face mask for some deep exfoliation and cleansing. Moisturising is incredibly important, especially to fight signs of ageing. Think about adding a moisturising serum with Vitamin C to combat dark circles around the eyes and fine lines.

Switch Up His Shaving System

Take a short moment to empathise with the plight of men and their regular shave. You may think you have a hard time shaving your legs or armpits in the shower, but can you imagine having to shave your face every day? It looks difficult and seems time-consuming. The skin can be left in an awful state afterwards too.

There is no school like the old school when it comes to shaving. Modern razors with three, four, or five blades and disposable heads may look convenient, but they are expensive and leave a poor-quality shave. Switch him up to an old-school traditional wet-shave razor which uses replaceable razor blades. Once he gets used to it he will never look back, he will get a closer shave, and his skin will be left in a much better condition. Make sure he uses a moisturising lotion afterwards and not a drying, alcohol-based aftershave. 

Conditioner Works On Men Too

You are lucky if your man takes one bottle into the shower, never mind two, but you should take some time to educate him on hair conditioner. His hair will look better for it and be easier to style. Dry shampoo or leave-in shampoo is a good way to start him off.

This is especially important for men with longer hair. If he is partial to a man-bun then you should explain the benefits of using conditioner to him or encourage him to get a shorter haircut. For hair that is less than two inches from the scalp, hair conditioner does not have much of an effect. Let him off if he keeps it short.

Beautify His Brows

Take a long hard look at your man’s eyebrows, and you will be shocked at their state. Women tend to take good care of their brows with a little plucking, combing, and shaping. Men let their brow hair get overgrown and unkempt, and it can be extremely distracting once you notice. When you do, their wild eyebrows will be all you can see.

Sit him down, ask him to remain calm, and pluck his most errant eyebrows. His male bravado should help him take it like a champ but be prepared for some light screams and yelps. His barber may be able to help him here too. Many offer eyebrow trimming and sculpting services to help tame the wild hairs. They use an electric shaver similar to hair clippers, so it is quick and painless for him.

Fewer Hair Styling Products Is Better For Everyone

Many men can get a little carried away with hair gels, waxes, and putties. This is bad for his scalp, bad for his hair, and it is not a good look. Work with him to reduce his dependence on sticky hair styling products. This may require a change in hairstyle, and that might not be a bad thing either.

If he uses these types of products every day, ask him to take a break for the sake of his scalp. Ask him to use a deep cleansing scalp scrub to exfoliate his follicles and get rid of all the built-up grease. He needs to take at least a weekend of the gel. Moisturiser can make a great alternative. It holds a loose style and gives a wet look, but is much nicer to run your hands through and helps recover the scalp and follicles. 

Look After His Lips

This is as much for you as it is for him. Lip health and beauty should not be overlooked. Dry lips are unpleasant to kiss, and visibly chapped lips are unsightly. They can also crack and bleed which is painful as well as not very nice to have to look at. Introduce him to soothing lip balms to protect his lips and even protect his skin.

Aloe vera-based lip balms are a great way to boost the health and appearance of his lips. If he is an outdoorsman or has a job where he is out in the elements, you should recommend something with a sun protection factor (SPF) for the spring and summer months.  

Anti-Wrinkle Creams

Yes, men get wrinkles and fine lines too. Though a few signs of age here and there can give a man a quite distinguished look you can have too much of a good thing. Work some anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle elements into his skincare regimen. It doesn’t have to be a part of his everyday routine unless you think that perhaps it should.

Make sure you get to know his skin type before you start sourcing the right product. There is a huge range of anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle products for men of all skin types. The male skincare scene is pretty similar to the women’s. There are a lot of lotions out there that promise a lot but deliver little. Look for a cost-effective solution, the most expensive cream is not necessarily the best.

Do not stop at just two or three of these top male health and beauty tips. He probably needs all of them. With the right skin care steps and hair care preparations, he can stay looking younger and healthier for longer. This is not just good for him, but it is good for you too. Invest in a few of these top products for a better-looking man. They make great gifts too, helping you take care of that perennial problem too.

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