Have you ever gotten in trouble abroad? 4 things that could land you in trouble overseas

When you’re planning a family holiday, a weekend away or a trip across the world, the last thing anyone expects is to find themselves in trouble with the local police. You’ve probably heard of people getting into trouble by accident, whether that’s failing to comply with local driving laws or having a little bit too much to drink and their behavior not being tolerated. It’s the kind of thing that most of us believe only happens to people who aren’t using their best judgment and it’s never something that would happen to them! 

However, the number of people who find themselves in trouble with the local police when away from home is incredibly high. The best way to avoid this kind of thing is by completing a little research before you hit the road and finding out if there’s anything you should know about your destination before you get there. For example, is Louisiana a no fault state? This could be useful information to know about the destination you’re traveling to. Click the link to find out more.

Here you’ll find a few examples of actions that could land you in trouble overseas. 

Temple etiquette

If you choose to visit one of the many, beautiful temples in the Far East in Japan, Thailand or Malaysia etc, then you’re in for a real cultural treat. It’s no wonder that millions of people flock to these places of worship every single year. However, there are some simple rules that all visitors must adhere to, especially if you want to avoid causing great offense and getting in trouble with the authorities. Removing your shoes is an absolute must for any traveler who is visiting a temple, you should also be lightly covered and be appropriately dressed, i.e. no miniskirts, and strappy tops. 

Public displays of affection

PDA or public displays of affection are one of the most natural expressions of love between couples. However, in some conservative countries, you may want to save it for your hotel room and rein it in a bit. A hug, a simple peck on the lips or even holding hands could land you in trouble in places like Dubai – with many holidaymakers finding themselves arrested and even locked up. Make sure you’re conducting plenty of research about your destination before you arrive, so there are no nasty surprises when you’re seemingly enjoying yourself! 

Not adhering to the dress code

Of course, all women should be able to wear what they want, however, if you’re visiting a country that has conservative views then you must follow the dress code to avoid attracting unnecessary attention and getting in trouble with the law. In a lot of Muslim countries, your hair and skin may need to be covered and it’s important that, despite your own views that you respect the local culture and religion. 

Keep your fingers to yourself

Using your fingers to point is seemingly natural, however, if you’re traveling to the Middle or Far East (or Latin America) you should keep your fingers to yourself. Pointing in certain cultures is seen as insulting and incredibly rude! So mind your hand gestures! 

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