Happy first birthday to my baby boy

I can’t believe it, I’ve kept a small child alive and well for an entire year. Despite worrying about every tiny little thing, we’ve hit this milestone relatively drama-free (except for that time my mum dropped him in the bath and we ended up in A&E) so it was time for an epic celebration with a cake smash. Turns out that despite being quite a big baby, William doesn’t actually like cake much, cue the photographer, Kelly Daniel, having to hide strawberries in the cake to entice him!

We decided to go for a cake smash as my photography skills are sadly lacking, as you’ve no doubt seen from my Instagram and I wanted something to really remember him by. Knowing that we won’t have any more children makes me want to cherish every moment and build up as many memories as possible. I found Kelly through a local Facebook group and absolutely loved her Welsh themed shoot – after all, my blog is called Welsh Mum! I was so pleased to find her as she was professional yet genuinely easy to talk to, and bonded with William fabulously. He’s quite shy around strangers so it took him a bit to warm up, but he was soon offering her smiles, and a bit of his cake!

It was a fun afternoon and created some gorgeous photos that I will treasure forever, and no doubt have a few made up into canvas for our walls. If you’re in South Wales I highly recommend that you check her out but wherever you are, finding a photographer to capture some memories for you is a great way to spend a first birthday. I’d actually never heard of a cake smash before being introduced to them on Facebook, but they are fun and apparently all the rage now. Plus, you get to take the cake home afterwards. It was delicious (there goes my diet).

But let’s be realistic, you came here for the cute baby photos right? Well here’s a few of my favourites, although if you follow me on Instagram you’ll get to see a couple more!

For his birthday we bought him this amazing “Chester & Fred” rocking horse which I absolutely adore. I love wooden toys and something a little bit traditional. Finally, rather than having a big party we’re heading to Bristol Zoo for the day, using our Annual Passes that we treated the family to and then to his grandmother’s for a small family buffet celebration, where there will be even more cake. Chocolate this time!

Thanks so much to Kelly for the amazing experience and photos, to my husband for just being an awesome dude and the best partner and father I could have hoped for, to my own mum, for being there to help and support me through the ups and downs of the last year (well, and the last 35 years really..) and of course to all of my readers and followers who have joined this crazy journey with me. Honestly, I’m getting kind of emotional here.

To my little baby boy, you bring joy into our lives and to everyone you meet. You changed our lives forever and there are no words to say how much we love you.

Happy first birthday William!

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19 thoughts on “Happy first birthday to my baby boy

  1. Sim @ Manchester Mummy says:

    All the images are amazing! What a fantastic idea to have a cake smash… although I love cake, no enticing needed for me! 🙂 Hope he enjoyed his first birthday… and hope you did too! My daughter’s first birthday flew by in a flash as I was trying to be the hostess… :/ Sim x

  2. Mayah Camara says:

    This is such a lovely idea these photos are lovely. I hope the first year was magical for you and the family.

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