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Hands on Play with Playmobil

Note: I was sent one promo pack from Playmobil to review. Playmobil can be found in most toy stockists across the UK or purchased online at

William loves Playmobil toys. They’re just the right size for him now at four to start getting hands on with and the range of themed sets is extensive. So far we have lots of the water play sets, because his favourite thing is getting wet, from the aqua park that we use in the garden, to the boat sets which he plays with in the bath. So when Playmobil asked me to review a set from the Country series, I was very excited… but William was even more excited, naturally!

This was our first experience with one of the larger sets that you can build and play with. We received the Farm with Small Animals from the Country theme. This is the perfect theme for us as William loves animals and going to farm parks, and now he could roleplay with his own little farm!

With 204 pieces I was a bit daunted unpacking it all as to be honest I’m not the best with assembling things, but it only took us an hour to put it all together. Each set clearly has the age range on the front, and that age range is pretty wide because roleplay toys can be used for a long time. If your child is on the younger age of the range, like William at four, you’ll need to help them with reading the instructions and the initial assembly. Older children could tackle this themselves and the assembly can be a big part of the fun as well as helping with manual dexterity skills.

The instructions were easy to follow through diagrams and our big farm barn with its double opening doors, ladder, and pully winch all feel very sturdy when set up. The tractor came 90% assembled which was handy, and it’s already had an absolute ton of fairly vigorous play time.

I love the attention to detail in these sets. You can put birds on the ledges and the trees, flowers on the bushes, food in the baskets. You can feed the animals with a milk bottle, hay bales or grass. You can load up the winch with the tractor and move your animal feed into the loft. There’s lots of variety and opportunities for children to create scenarios and play with them.

This set came with three figures, five mammals and some chickens and ducks, and all of these feel very sturdy. My experience with Playmobil is that no matter how hard they’re played with, it’ll stand the test of time.

We’ve been checking out the full range of Playmobil sets and William has already decided he’d like some more of the Country set for his birthday which is only a month away, but he also wants some of the Wildlife sets and some more water-themed sets. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a full set either, we recently purchased a boating set from TK Maxx at less than ¬£10, and some extra figures and accessories can be found in stores for just a few pounds, making them great stocking fillers or as bonuses for reward charts.

What do you think, would you kids love one of these sets?

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  • Reply Sally March 7, 2022 at 2:09 pm

    We love Playmobil also. My son has a couple of items from the younger range but he’ll play with it for quite a while.

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