Halloween Colouring In – 10 Free Halloween Printables

If you’re looking for an easy to do at home Halloween activity, look no further than these ten free Halloween printables. Colouring in is one of the simplest things you can do with children and it’s very easy to do with groups by printing multiple copies. These Halloween printables are a completely free activity (other than you printer ink and paper) and I’ve curated ten fun spooky themed designs, perfect to colour in from a young age.

These are the free Halloween colouring in printables:

  1. Flying monster.
  2. Pumpkin with sweets, eyeballs and candle.
  3. Witches Hat – with space to draw a face underneath for children who enjoy drawing their own pictures.
  4. Candy Skull – this is the most complex design.
  5. Frankenstein / Ghoul.
  6. Spider.
  7. Bats.
  8. Pumpkin with Candy, Tombstone and Owl.
  9. Pumpkin and Scarecrow.
  10. Ghost costume.

If you think that any of these are too complicated or too scary for your child, simply omit that page when printing so as not to waste any ink. When you click a document to print you can choose which pages to print, and you can choose to skip one by grouping pages. For example if you don’t want to print picture 5, then in the pages box type 1-4, 6-10 this will print all pages except for 5!

These pages are formatted for UK A4 automatically and will fit one standard piece of A4 paper. If you are downloading these from the USA no worries, they will come out slightly smaller on your standard piece of paper but will still print fine. You can also change your print setting to “fit to size”, to autosize for your paper feed.

To download these free Halloween colouring pages just click the button below. This will download all ten images into one PDF document that you can print from.

I hope your kids enjoy these Halloween colouring in pages and find lots of fun art, crafts and activities to do this October!

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Halloween Colouring Pages - If you're looking for an easy to do at home Halloween activity, look no further than these ten free Halloween printables.

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