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It is almost a cliché at this point to say that dads are tough to buy presents for. Things generally become clichés because they contain at least a germ of truth though and men of a certain age often seem indifferent to gifts.

They will say things like, “all I want is to be left alone to watch the TV” when you ask them what their ideal present is. That does not mean you should take them at their word and give up though.

Gifts are a way to show people that we appreciate them and have taken the time to consider what they will like. Good dads deserve that sort of attention as much as anyone else and that is the thinking behind this handy gift guide.

Sports Tickets

Sport is very popular with a lot of men and a favorite sports team is not an interest that is lost with fatherhood. Therefore, getting your dad a ticket to a match involving his beloved soccer, rugby or any other sort of team is liable to go down very well as a gift.

Many of the men who follow a team also place a sports bet regularly at one of the top online sites or a bookmaker in the local area. If they wager on the match you get them tickets for, it will only add to their excitement when they are watching it.

BBQ Net Tubes

Is your dad the kind who longs for summer so he can get the BBQ out and start grilling anything that stands still for long enough? If so, some net tubes for the BBQ will make for a very fine present.

They are like a sort of makeshift rotisserie and are tubular shaped baskets made of wire netting. They are ideal for holding various ingredients like onions and peppers together on the grill and are easy to clean afterwards. Just stick them in the dishwasher.

A Cashmere Sweater

The sweater is one of the defining features of everyday ‘dad-wear’ and there is no better sweater material than cashmere. It is super soft and has a feel of luxury to it.

Cashmere might sound like it would be very expensive, but you can get a sweater made from it as a gift for your dad for around $60. That is hardly a high price if you are close to your father.

Uniqlo is the place to go for it and their 100% cashmere sweaters come in 23 different shades so there is something to suit both bold and conservative tastes. The crew neck style never really goes out of fashion either.

Vibration Massage Seat Cushion

No one likes to talk about getting older, but aches and pains are an inevitable part of the ageing process. Getting your dad a gift like this seat cushion that eases back pains through gentle vibration will provide a useful, practical solution to the problem – and most men prefer problem solving.

It is not just about the vibrations either. The cushion gives off heat too, which also helps to soothe painful or aching back muscles. It can be easily purchased on Amazon and will make a welcome present.

Mini Golf Day

Golf is probably the ultimate dad game and if your father loves it, why not treat him to a mini golf outing. For instance, you could play a pitch and putt game, which is usually half the length of a standard golf game, at nine holes.

On the other hand, there is also adventure golf for the more daredevil dads among us. This is often played on a course that has a theme of some sort, such as an island in the tropics, and the course is at some unusual location – e.g. the roof of a building.

A gift of this kind will also let your dad spend some quality time with you, which is the most important part of all.

Monocular Telescope

Is your dad at retirement age and looking at a lot of time on his hands? If that is the case he will need a hobby to help occupy his time and mind and a monocular telescope will give him a bit of a push.

It is a lot smaller and more portable than a standard telescope and is designed to be able to attach to a mobile phone. Then your dad will be equipped to take to the countryside for bird watching or even sit in the back garden to enjoy the same activity.

It doesn’t have to be used for that, but it is a gift that shows you care.

Each of these will be a fine present and you are sure to be able to choose at least one based on your dad’s interests.

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