Get Nourished Coffee Challenge!

Sleepless nights are quite normal in my family. People say it’ll get easier – but I’m not entirely convinced of that. We had a difficult colicky baby who needed soothing every 1-2 hours for the first 6 months of his life, even with medication for his digestive issues with every bottle. At 11 months old we have a baby who will mostly sleep from 8pm until 5 or 6am, but sometimes only until 3am. As you can imagine, this results in two very tired parents, especially as his cot is in our bedroom!

The first thing we do when we get up in the morning is change his nappy and make him breakfast and some milk, but as soon as we have a second to ourselves – it’s grabbing a cup of coffee to start the day. My husband works a physically intensive job and long hours. He’s self employed so sometimes he has to work every day without any breaks, depending on how much work needs to be done and how his employees are doing. There’s no time for him to grab a hot drink during the day. He’s lucky if he can wolf down a sandwich! He’s my superman, because I have no idea how he manages to get up and go into work day after day after day, working through weekends without complaint, sometimes on 3 or 4 hours sleep.

Get Nourished is a brand new UK startup that is offering high protein iced coffees in three flavours. Starting the day with protein means I’m less hungry throughout the day, but I know we often don’t have time or energy to cook breakfast. Grabbing a bottle from the fridge, popping it open and being ready to go can be a really big advantage when you’re tired or in a rush. Not to mention that if you’re running late for work you can drink it on the way, at work or in your break / lunch hour even if you don’t have time for a hot drink or a kettle available. You might think that a protein drink is more for gym bunnies, but it is actually something that’s pretty useful for anyone with an active lifestyle – which is definitely most mums having to run around after their little ones!

We both decided to do the 7 day #GetNourished challenge, switching out our morning coffee for a Get Nourished High Protein Iced Coffee instead. I was really pleased to find out that Get Nourised is lactose and gluten-free as I have a family member who this would be suitable for. It contains whey protein, so isn’t suitable for vegans, but it is suitable for vegetarians. It uses no artificial sweeteners, but it does have some cane sugar in it. Despite having some added sugar it comes in at around 180calories. Now I am currently calorie counting as I’d like to lose weight in a sustainable and flexible manner, but 180calories for 25g of protein is very doable even on a 1200 or 1500 calorie diet.

For me, I was looking for something that could

  • Replace my morning cup of coffee
  • Replace my morning breakfast bar and still allowed me to maintain my healthy eating / diet
  • Gives me a boost to get going in the morning even if we haven’t slept amazingly
  • Helps avoid hunger pangs
  • Allowed me to drink whilst holding my son, feeding him, or out on the go (not hot and therefore not a safety concern!)

My husband was looking for something that could

  • Save him time before work
  • Has a decent amount of caffeine as he usually drinks a massive mug of coffee in the morning!
  • Be consumed in addition to eating breakfast
  • Be consumed at work even when it’s busy and hectic
  • Helps gives him the energy to be on his feet all day
  • Helps him feel fit and healthy with his active lifestyle

We have very different lifestyles but ultimately it comes down to the fact that we’re both busy people who can’t always take the time to make a hot drink in the morning and want a delicious boost that’s also healthy.

Perfect breakfast or light lunch! Smashed avocado on toast with fried baby plum tomatoes and a drizzle of chilli oil, crunchy yellow bell peppers and Get Nourished Iced Coffee.

So what’s the verdict?

Taste – I enjoyed all three Get Nourished flavours but my favourite was Vanilla Bean Latte. Subtle and slightly sweeter than the others. I didn’t need to add anything extra to my drinks, but my husband, who’s favourite was the Hazelnut and Cacao Mocha added two spoons of sugar to his bottles before leaving the house. He adds three into a cup of coffee, so definitely has a sweet tooth. He’s in excellent shape and with such an active work day, he finds the energy from added sugar really helps him. The good thing about these bottles is if you do prefer it sweeter, just add your preferred sweetener and give it a shake. I was a bit worried that it might taste chalky or have that icky aftertaste that high protein shakes can sometimes have and I’m also quite fussy about texture – but no. It’s smooth and delicious. The protein really doesn’t mar the taste or texture at all.

Energy – This contains more caffeine than I would usually drink in the morning, but less than what my husband would usually have. Both of us found it had a good effect on our energy, even with those frustrating 5am starts with a teething baby.

Price – Get Nourished is priced at £2.99, which I think is competitively priced for a high-protein drink especially since you can buy it online and it’s free delivery over £11.98 (4 bottles). This is more expensive than a regular iced coffee, but I definitely stave off hunger for longer when I’ve had a high protein start to the day, which is important to me when I’m cutting down and watching my calories.

Will I be switching to Get Nourished after completing my 7-day challenge?

I was gifted a 7 day supply of Get Nourished Iced Coffee to take the #GetNourished Challenge and share my findings. I will definitely be buying Get Nourished again. It doesn’t need to be stored in the fridge and has a long life, meaning there’s no pressure for me to drink it quickly. I can keep some bottles in the cupboard and have them ready for a day when I’m in a rush, on the go or feeling like I really need the boost. I wish I could buy one every single day, but at £21/week that’s not really in the budget right now. If I was going to have a high energy day and get out early, I would definitely want to start my day with Get Nourished and I really do think that a high protein start to the day is the way to stave off mid-morning hunger pangs.

Get Nourished is definitely a drink that’s suitable for mums and dads and not just for those working out!

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  • Reply Lucy March 19, 2018 at 12:23 pm

    I go to the gym before work so these sound fab.

  • Reply Amy June 12, 2018 at 8:22 am

    I picked some of this up in the supermarket the other day and it’s quite yummy. Just need to stock up when it’s on special offer!

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