Fun in the sun: Tips for your first family holiday abroad

You might have a family holiday planned for the coming months. Whether you are taking an infant with you, or have waited until your children are old enough to appreciate the trip, that first holiday abroad can be rather daunting. While you may have the excitement that comes with going on holiday, you may worry about what to take with you, as well as how to manage your children when navigating around the airport. Having some tools and plans in place prior to leaving can help to ease your mind.

Pack sunglasses

When going to a warm, sunny destination, you may want to make sure you can see at all times. Due to this, you may need a pair of sunglasses to allow you to keep track of where your children are, even when there is a lot of glare. Buying a set for your partner and kids can also be a good idea, to help protect their eyes. When doing so, look for a mark that indicates the lenses have proper UV protection. Otherwise, these could be effectively useless at protecting you. Having individual cases for each pair could help to prevent them from becoming scratched, lost, or even completely destroyed when you aren’t wearing them.

Do your research on health

Some countries may have exquisite food and gorgeous views, but not everything may be up to the same standard. You might need to have certain vaccinations before travelling to different countries, especially if diseases are common there. Secondly, it can also be a good idea to research how safe the tap water is at your destination. While you may be able to use this water for washing, it might not be safe for human consumption. Therefore, when travelling to these locations, you may also want to find a shop in the vicinity of your accommodation to buy bottled water from.

Make safety a priority

You may be able to discuss the dangers of travelling abroad with older children, but younger ones may not understand as much. Keeping an eye on them can be crucial. However, should you lose your children, you may be unsure of what to do next. Making note of the emergency numbers for the country you plan to visit can allow you to get support as soon as possible. You could instruct older children to go to the nearest shop and state which hotel you are staying at. Having an ID tag on younger children may allow locals to get them back to you.

Thinking about health and safety can be important when you go on holiday, especially if you plan on going abroad. It can be much better to have different plans in place for the potential dangers and not needing to use them than to get to your destination and be unprepared for issues. This can help you to enjoy your holiday that much more, knowing you have done all you can to keep your family safe.

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