Fun Family Activities Without Going Far From Home

Keeping the children entertained, and spending quality time together as a family doesn’t have to be costly or mean travelling too far. Here are some fun activities which can be done from home or locally.


Having a picnic in the garden and a small firework display can be a perfect end to a summer’s evening. You can find lots of fireworks to choose from at, and they are easy to use safely. Ghengis even have a range suitable for garden use, and they are open all year round. So, whether you want to stock up for Bonfire Night, a summer celebration or use them at any other time of the year, you can always purchase your fireworks from them.

Local days out

There are lots of places to visit locally without having to spend much money or venture too far. If your children often complain during long car or bus journeys, staying local is the perfect option. This could be a day at a local park with a picnic, a forest walk, visiting a farm, or a museum based on something your children may be interested in. The choices are endless, and although this depends on where you live, you could be surprised at how many interesting places there are for you to visit locally.


Getting your family involved in sports has many advantages, including having a fun activity to take part in together and keeping you all active. If you have a big garden, this could be done there. Alternatively, you could go to a local park or playing field to play a sport of your choice. All you need is the equipment, such as a football, if you choose this as a sporting activity. You could also spend more and buy bikes for the whole family. In the long-term, this purchase will pay off if you regularly cycle together.

Creating your own games

By creating your own games to play at home, you can be creative, spend quality time together and come up with something you will all enjoy playing as a family. This could be based on an existing game, or be something entirely different. The only limits are what you and your family can think up. You can use a random number generator to act as dice, or if you’re playing Bingo or any other number games.

A scavenger hunt

By creating a scavenger hunt using just your home and garden, you can keep your children occupied, and supervise them as they follow the clues, which will eventually lead them to a prize. This doesn’t have to be too expensive and can be an adventure for them. You can also make it educational by having the clues linked to topics they are currently studying at school. This is a great way to help them revise if they have tests to prepare for.

Whether you’re trying to make weekends more fun or fill the school holidays, you can spend time together as a family, without breaking the bank or enduring hours of travel. The above suggestions are just a few of the activities you can do as a family.

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