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From small to big – romantic gestures that still work

When you’re in a relationship, keeping the romance alive is important. While you may be wondering how to do this, the romance of a surprise gift is always a good idea.

Us Brits love buying gifts, we even fork out a small fortune for our pets, so why not for our partners?

Below, you’ll find a range of ideas to help you out regardless of your gift budget.

The little gifts

One thing you should never underestimate is the power of little gifts. While it may not look like a lot, a small gift, coupled with the element of surprise is a sure-fire way of putting a smile on your partner’s face.

From delicious chocolate boxes, which come in all shapes and sizes, to bunches of flowers and their favourite wine, or even a little card with a personal note in, these small tokens are always guaranteed to a go a long way. They’re also very handy for when they’ve been having a bad day

The home gifts

While the above gifts can often be spontaneous and thought of on the way home from work. What about ones with a little extra thought?

Try surprising your partner with a delicious home-cooked meal, ranging from something new to something they adore – it’s sure to make their day. You can even go all out and make dessert as well if you like.

Something as simple as running them a bubble bath, complete with candles is another way to add a romantic touch to an evening. You can even go a step further and add a massage in too, great for when your partner is stressed out or down in the dumps.

The bigger ideas

Now we’re on to the big gifts. If it’s a mid-week treat to surprise your partner, then you can always whisk them out for a delightful meal at their favourite restaurant, or go a step further and take them to that fancy place they’ve always wanted to try.

You could even make it more of a date night and add some little surprises in too, such as the cinema or bowling.

For something more elaborate, which is bordering on anniversary, Christmas and birthday gifts, how about a staycation weekend away or even a full-on week away to somewhere exotic. If you’ve got the money and really want to showcase your romantic side, this is the way to do it.

So, if you’re looking to show your partner how much you love them, these ideas are sure to help you showcase your romantic side, regardless of your budget.

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