From Drab to Fab – Tips for Transforming Your Man’s Wardrobe

As a fashionista, you’ll probably want to steal the show every time you step out. But don’t you want your partner to match your style quotient? If you’re into men’s fashion, you know that sometimes your partner will need a little help in the style department. 

In fact, he may need a lot of guidance and advice on this front. Think beyond surprising him with a trendy shirt or jacket on his birthday or your anniversary. Consider giving his wardrobe the makeover it deserves!

Fear not, it’s easier than you imagine, and you can do something according to his taste and expectations. All you need is creativity and a few simple tips, and you can help your man look like a boss in no time. So, let’s help you upgrade his style of game!

Assess his current wardrobe

Well, that’s where one starts when it comes to replacing old with new. So before going on a shopping spree, you must assess what your man already owns. What are his go-to pieces? Which items are still in good condition? What needs to be replaced? 

You’re all set for a wardrobe makeover once you have a current list and a fresh wishlist. It can help you stick to a budget and avoid impulsive buying in the long run. You can even save a bit by repurposing the existing pieces.

Identify his personal style

Everyone has their personal style, and your partner is no exception. You will probably know what he loves wearing and feels comfortable with. That’s his personal style, right? Is he a chic, classy, trendy, or casual dresser?

Would you like him to change his personal style and try something new? Check these questions to help him identify his style goals and suggest better ones for him. 

Start with the basics

When helping your man with a wardrobe makeover, start with the basics. Invest in pieces that will form the foundation of his collection. Also, ensure they are versatile and easy to mix and match. Some basics to consider include:

  • A classic white tee
  • A tailored button-down shirt
  • A well-fitting pair of jeans
  • A versatile blazer 
  • A chic sports jacket

Think beyond the basics and add a couple of overshirts to your list because they can definitely elevate his looks. And they can also add an element of interest to your man’s closet. 

Pick some accessories

Accessories can make a world of difference in a man’s outfit. Start with shoes for all occasions- work, casual outings, gym, and vacations. Once you have them all in your partner’s wardrobe, add more details. 

A simple watch, a cool pair of sunglasses, and a stylish belt can take an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. Help him experiment with different accessories so that he can master the skill of mix and matching.

Enjoy the experience

A wardrobe makeover should be fun for you and your partner! You can even take it as a chance to bond over something new and exciting. Be willing to do new things and experiment with different trends and styles. 

If something doesn’t work out and you don’t agree, it’s not the end of the world. Styling is all about trial and error, so be open to making mistakes.

Helping your man with a closet revamp is a lot of work. Moreover, he should feel comfortable and confident in his new wardrobe. So, have fun with it and make the most of the experience. Happy shopping!

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