Freedom Day… But Is It Really Freedom?

We’ve just celebrated Freedom Day as the government lifted most of the lockdown restrictions. Some restrictions remain still for specific locations and population groups. Besides, some private venues are maintaining their mask policies to reduce risks of infection.  We all understand that there is still a long way to go before we can finally put the pandemic behind us. 

Yet, for now, we want to enjoy the taste of freedom. Inviting friends and going to places without worrying about whether or not we’ve remembered to put a mask inside our bag. Free at last, the mind says. But the mind is treacherous. We’re not free yet! We simply have more breathing room to focus on all the things we unintentionally ignored during lockdown. Oops. 

Oops, what happened to my fitness routine?

The first discovery you might make is the sudden realisation that you might not have been as committed to your fitness routine as you hoped. These things happen. Frankly, who can blame you? After spending the best part of 18 months at home, we all need new coping mechanisms. Perhaps, you’ve been stress eating or simply preferring TV over workouts. It’s been a tough time. Don’t blame yourself for not sticking to your fitness regime. However, if you are starting afresh after Freedom Day, you might find it hard to get rid of the stubborn weight. The hunger hormone spikes after working out, so you might experience cravings when trying to eat healthily. The secret to getting fit and lean? Fuel your body with healthy food and add some weights to your training routine. This will trigger a positive metabolic response. 

Wait.. What was the deadline?

You’ve stayed at home for such a long time that it’s easy to miss important deadlines. For instance, a lot of EU citizens living in the UK have inadvertently missed the deadline for the EU settlement scheme (30 June 2021) because of lockdown. Thankfully, they can still protect their future in the UK if they apply for ilr, which is the indefinite leave to remain. ILR applications are open to anyone who’s stayed legally in the UK for at least 5 documented years. It’s also an essential step before the naturalisation process. So, perhaps missing the EU settlement deadline wasn’t so bad in the end. Yet, not all administrative deadlines will be as pain-free as missing the settlement deadline!

Free to go out… But I want to stay at home

Working from home was tough at first. It felt lonely. But you grew fond of your home office, and you can’t imagine going back to work anymore. You are not alone. Many UK workers would prefer to wait for the full population to be vaccinated before going back to the office. If this is your case, some employers have been understanding and extended remote working options. However, not every business is willing to maintain virtual desks. Freedom day could mean the end of your free to work from home right!

Freedom Day… But what are we free from? For most families, Freedom Day marks the start of new fitness commitments, administrative juggling, and work-related stress. It’s a wake-up call reminding us that life has carried on even during lockdown. So, it’s time to catch up with it and face the new challenges!

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