Follow These Tips When You Are Ready To Update Your Home

As time passes homes age. You may want different things from your home. The good thing is that you have options on how to make it better for everyone who lives there.

Insulate Well

It cannot be overstated, that properly insulating your home should be a priority and at the top of your list when preparing for upgrades. The key in this arena is to use high-quality products such as Celotex insulation.

Insulation is essential for any home because it saves you money on your utility bills, regardless of the season. In the winter, the heat stays in and the cold stays out. The opposite is true, too, since good insulation provides a barrier between the elements and your interior that is similar to your best blanket.

Prioritize Caulking

If you have not been paying attention to the rubbery white sealer in your home, it is time to take notice. Look around the window and door casings, the perimeter of the shower, and around your sink basins. Caulking is a quiet workhorse that serves as a barrier to droughts and protection from water seeping under the vanity when your kids get too energetic while washing their hands. 

The great thing about a caulking project is that you can tackle it yourself. It is important to remove the old caulking thoroughly before applying a new bead. Always ensure you use the right caulk for your project. There are specific types made for a variety of specific uses. 

Watch this video for the best practices on how to work with caulk. 

Brighten Your World

Lighting is important for a home and is a matter of safety. Being able to see well means less eye strain and an increased ability to see the details in an exciting book or pursue a variety of activities and hobbies. 

As you consider your lighting needs, take a walk through your home. Do this in the daytime and evening to get a realistic idea of what to change. Conduct an assessment with everyone else in your household. They may have different inputs on where upgraded lighting will be helpful based on how they use the space.

Once you have determined which areas need upgrades, new lighting, or simply an update to better quality light bulbs, assess whether you can take on the wiring project yourself or if it will be better to hire a licensed professional. 

As long as you are making changes to your lighting situation, you should make the move towards technological innovation.  Replace your old, hot, energy-sapping incandescent light bulbs with modern LED smart bulbs. You can control these via an app on your smartphone, and through a digital personal assistant with voice controls. These upgrades will make your life easier as you can open your app when away from home to turn off your lights if you have forgotten. Or, set a schedule to turn the lights on when you are on holiday so the home looks occupied.

Create Air Flow

A dull and stagnant-smelling home is no fun. By moving air through your home, you will help circulate air and refresh your space. By installing ceiling fans throughout your dwelling, you also help either heat or cool it depending on the season. Simply by switching the direction of the fan blades as the temperatures change, you can either pull air up or push it down to help heat or cool your home. Placing a fan in often-used rooms will provide comfort, even if you do not have central air conditioning. 

One thing to note about ceiling fans is that they will likely require the expertise of an electrician. If you are hiring one to help with any lighting upgrades, have them take care of the fans at the same time to minimize cost. If they need to create holes in the walls to run the new wiring, do not let that stop you, as a little drywall DIY and paint will fix it right up. 

If you’re worried about a large, open plan family space feeling too big and unwelcoming, there are so many ways to bring cosy elements in. Working with a really large space can seem like a luxury, but you don’t want the place to feel too empty at the same time. Adding warmth through your decor is the ideal way to create the most welcoming atmosphere in your spacious open plan home. You can use rugs to section off different areas of your living space, or add brightly coloured artwork to the walls to enrich the surrounding tones. Once you start using your open plan family space you will soon start to see how many ways you can create beauty and warmth.

Take some of these tips and incorporate them into your next home updates and upgrades. Just because time passes does not mean that your home needs to be stuck in the era in which it was built. If there are problems, such as poor insulation, you can fix them. Should modern upgrades be what you are after, you can do that, too. Make a list of what you need to do, and want to do, and start from there. You will be so glad you did.

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