Finding the Perfect Pair of Earrings

I’ve always loved jewellery. I think an outfit isn’t complete until you have chosen your accessories, and having the right accessories gives me confidence and makes me feel complimented and beautiful. Whilst a necklace, bracelet and rings are all part of the package, earrings are my favourite piece of jewellery to put on and own. With the right pair of earrings you can really change the look of an outfit, it can complement and highlight makeup – or a natural face – as well as your hairstyle. Earrings are also small and easy to carry and store, so I must confess to owning quite a few pairs!

I’ve got some tips on how to choose the perfect pair of earrings:

Choose earrings that will highlight your facial features – If you have a round face, then long geometric, dangle and teardrop earrings will elongate the face. If your face is square, then consider dangle earrings or a large hoop that will soften the cheekbones. For a narrow or rectangular face, consider extra long dangle earrings or earrings with lots of detail to accentuate the cheekbones. Of course these are just ideas for finding the perfect earrings that strengthen your facial features – you can wear any style that you think looks good on you!

Choose a metal that works well with your skin tone and hair colour – When you’re choosing between different metals, try to pick one that you feel will look good with your skin tone and hair colour. As I have dark hair, I usually choose white gold, platinum or silver jewellery. I find gold doesn’t work well with my hair colour, or my pale skin, which has blue undertones.

Choosing earrings for the occasion – If you’re picking up the kids you might want to wear something like a stud, as it won’t get tangled up in anyone or anything. Going for a night out with the girls you might want something big, bold and dangling, whereas if you were going to a wedding, you might want something understated, detailed, elegant, chic. So think about the occasion and how the earrings will suit.

Complement your outfit colours – If you’re wearing earrings with coloured stones in them, then consider how well this complements the outfit colours you’re wearing too.

Make sure your choice makes you feel happy – Ultimately this is the most important one. When you put a piece of jewellery on and look in the mirror, it should make you smile. You should feel happy and confident of your choice. For me, having a large selection of earrings available helps me complete any outfit, as I feel like I’ve got something that will make me happy on any occasion.

If you’re buying earrings as a gift, you might want to try and think about what earrings the gift recipient has worn over the last five occasions, that will give you an idea of their style and personal preferences.

I was recently invited to explore Astley Clarke Earrings and gifted some earrings to share my thoughts on them. Astley Clarke offer a selection of very elegant fine and demi-fine earrings, from studs to diamond drops and in gold, silver or white gold. Prices at the moment range from just £35 all the way up to £1250, so there’s a good range of options depending on your needs and the situation you’re buying for.

I chose two pairs of small studs from Astley Clarke to review. I don’t have many studs that have detail on them and I was really impressed by the amount of detail on such small earrings. Although when I go out on a night out I want something big and bold, most of my life, at work, and looking after my kids, requires something that won’t get caught up or grabbed by a child and pulled! The first is the “Mini Sun” earrings, which are available in single, or as a pair and the second, “Tiny Cosmos”. I really liked that some of Astley Clarke’s studs are available as singles, which caters to those who have a single additional piercing.

My husband isn’t very good at buying gifts, so when I see something I might want as a present, whether it’s birthday, anniversary or Christmas, I bookmark it in a shared gift folder. He can then see what things I’d like to receive as a gift, and pick from a selection when he’s not sure what to get me. There are a few pairs of Astley Clarke earrings in the folder now, so hopefully I’ll be wearing more in the future!

Finally I’d like to share with you my favourite earring holder. This wooden stand display allows you to have your favourite earrings organized and out on display, ready to choose from for any occasion. The base is natural wood but can be painted to suit your colour scheme and you can buy it for just £14.99!

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