Family Friendly Low Carb Snack Options

You don’t have to be following a specific diet such as Atkins or Keto to want to lower your carbohydrates. Eating carbohydrates has a big impact on blood sugar and insulin levels and those on lower carb diets have been proven to have higher levels of satiation and suffer lower cravings. I spent several years doing a ketosis diet and it worked very well for me, so although I don’t count my exact carbs at the moment, I do want to keep my carbs low. Some of the most traditional snacks you might grab whilst out and about or at home are incredibly high in carbohydrates and sugar, so I wanted to compile a list of low carb snacks you can get easily in the UK.

When you’ve got kids in the house you also want to make sure it’s suitable for the whole family – so because of that, I’ve avoided any of the protein, workout or diet bars that can be a good snack, but can also contain a whole host of extras that you don’t necessarily want.

Raw Vegetables

Raw vegetables are about as healthy a snack as it’s possible to get. You do have to buy and prepare them in advance, but this can easily be done as meal prep to have in pots in the fridge ready to grab when you need. Some of the best options include carrot sticks, chopped bell pepper sticks, cucumber slices, tomatoes and celery. You can get relatively low carb hummous and tzatziki dips if you’re looking to spice them up a bit.

Chicken or Pork Crackling

If you’re looking for a crunchy, satisfying alternative to potato crisps, consider crackling. Either pork or chicken crackling are delicious low carb options that are very filling. I’m sure you’ve heard of pork crackling before but chicken crackling is very new. My personal recommendation is for The Original Chicken Crackling bags which are gluten free as well (big bonus as a lot of flavoured snacks come with gluten) and come in Chicken Crackling Sea Salt or Chicken Crackling Habanero Chilli flavours. I’ve tried both and I’m personally a fan of the Habanero Chilli the best – great flavour and crunch, and under 200 calories a bag. You can eat it from the bag or even serve it warm as a side or starter!


Nuts are super easy to portion out and carry around and can be bought in most shops. Some meal deals even come with a small portion of nuts instead of those high carb crisps, biscuit and chocolate bar options these days. The only downside is nuts can be quite high in calories considering the quantity that you eat, so you do need to be careful not to binge on them!

Deli Meats

Meats in general are very low carb. You may not want to be preparing and cooking meat as it’s quite a bit of work – so for an easy snack you can use pre-cooked deli meat. Chicken and turkey breast are also very low calorie, whilst sliced meats like beef and pork are slightly higher, or you can venture into cured meats like pepperoni and chorizo for a ton of flavour.


Olives are a bit of an acquired taste and not for everyone, but if you enjoy them, there an array of olives available, green and black, stuffed with cheese, peppers or plain. They make an easy to carry around snack in a small tupperware or resealable bag.


Boiled eggs are a tasty low carb snack, serve with a dollop of salad dressing, Caesar dressing or mayonnaise if you want, but I personally just like to eat them whole! They’re also low calorie, very inexpensive, easy to cook and packed full of calcium and vitamins. They’re a bit awkward to carry around, you’ll need a tupperware tub rather than a bag so they don’t get crushed.


Fruit can be high in natural sugar so isn’t always the lowest carb go to – but if you watch portion control then fruit, in particular berries, can really help satisfy a sweet craving whilst being very low calorie.

Here’s an example of my low calorie lunch or snack box meal prep. Each container is just 250 calories with a bit of dressing drizzled on top! You can buy these containers on Amazon if you fancy preparing in advance which saves time (and money!)

Couple it with some chicken scratchings for a snack and you won’t be hungry all day. Don’t have any? Well, you can enter this competition to win some!

This giveaway is to win 20 packs of chicken crackling and is open to UK residents only. It closes on 27th October 2019 at 12pm. For further terms please click terms and conditions below.

The Original Chicken Crackling Giveaway #2

Note: I received a free sample of chicken crackling to share my honest opinion and for the prize in this giveaway.

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