Explore Japan: Affordable and Smart Travel Tips

Japan is home to captivating beauty, rich culture and many exciting adventures. It’s the perfect place for an affordable and fulfilling trip that you will remember for years to come. Discover the bustling streets of Tokyo and the serene temples of Kyoto without breaking the bank. Start 2024 on the right note with a trip across the world to Japan.

In this article, we cover the smartest and most affordable way to travel to Japan and where you should visit along the way.

What’s the Best Time to Visit Japan?

Japan embraces every season with new experiences and beautiful scenery. Spring is known for the cherry blossoms that scatter across the country and our Instagram feeds. Many people flock to Japan each year to see the cherry blossoms, and it can become quite busy. Autumn is a much quieter time to visit, with colder weather and colourful trees. In the winter, Japan is a magical skiing destination with plenty of hot springs to enjoy, too. Then, we have the summer months, which can be hot, sticky, and packed with tourists. There are plenty of festivals and fireworks to enjoy as well. We recommend travelling in late spring and autumn to avoid the major crowds and extreme weather.  

Six Tips for Travelling in Japan

#1 Use the Japan Rail Pass 

The Japan Rail Pass can help you get across the country quickly and affordably. This pass offers unlimited travel on most JR trains nationwide, including the Shinkansen (bullet train). It’s a cost-effective and convenient way to explore the country’s diverse regions.

#2 Fly in Style 

Your flights to and from Japan depend on your budget and preferences. Some people prefer to spend a little more on cheap private jet flights that provide a luxury experience without costing a fortune. Others like to save money on economy flights that get you from A to B, so you can spend more money on experiences and accommodation. Many airlines offer excellent service, making your journey to Japan pleasant and budget-friendly.

#3 Embrace Local Accommodations

Instead of staying in international chain hotels, why not make the most of local accommodation instead? You can stay in ryokans, which are traditional inns, or minshukus, family-run guesthouses. These smaller options allow you to immerse yourself in the Japanese culture and meet a few locals along the way. Get to know the Japanese way of life and have a ore authentic experience.

#4 Enjoy Local Eateries

Japan’s culinary scene is not just about high-end sushi restaurants. There are also street food vendors and local eateries to indulge in, which offer delicious and affordable meals. From takoyaki (octopus balls) in Osaka to ramen in Tokyo, you can enjoy Japan’s rich food culture without spending a fortune. You could also treat yourself to a more luxurious meal from time to time to get the Insta-perfect experience.

#5 Be Smart with Your Packing

Travelling light can save you from extra baggage fees and make navigating Japan’s public transportation easier. Pack versatile clothing suitable for the season and comfortable walking shoes, as exploring Japan involves a lot of walking.

#6 Plan and Book in Advance

Planning and booking your trip in advance can help you make big savings. You can often secure better deals on flights and accommodations, leaving more budget for fun when you arrive. Also, consider purchasing tickets for popular attractions online to avoid long queues and potential price hikes.

Japan is a country that blends the old with the new, offering experiences that are both enriching and exhilarating.

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