Ensuring Cloud-Nine Camping, Not Caravan Chaos

If you’re looking to explore any part of the country best known for its natural beauty, be it the peaks of our very own national park and mountain range, the gorgeous coasts of Cornwall, or the winding, windy moors, then there are few better ways to do it than by caravan. You can get closer to the wild while still enjoying many of the comforts of the home. However, that’s only if you ensure that you’re as best prepared and equipped as possible. Let’s take a look at just how you do that.

Prepare for the weather

You should never underestimate just how much the weather can change, especially if you’re looking at camping spots on our fair island. Sure, your caravan might be able to protect you from the worst of it, but do you really want to spend all that time locked indoors when you could be out and about? Be sure to follow a decent packing list like this one from Tinbox Traveller that ensures you have clothes suitable for all manner of weathers, including the heat, the cold, and the rain that can come with either of them. Be sure to bring plenty of indoors entertainment, such as books, cards, and games, should the weather be harsh enough to keep you inside the caravan for a few hours.

Do not overload your caravan

We can all pile on the pounds a little more easily than we might like, and that goes for our caravans, as well! Make sure that you check the weight limits set by the manufacturer as well as your tow vehicle capacity. Your caravan shouldn’t be carrying any more than the payload dictates, including gear, gas, and water and your vehicle is legally not allowed to overshoot the towing capacity. Not only can you get in legal trouble, but you’re much more likely to experience roadside failures, such as a bust tyre, if your caravan is overloaded with stuff. Bring what you need, but know when you’re pushing the limits of your vehicles. Check out these camping food storage hacks to make the most use of your space.

Try your towbar

Before you choose to rely entirely on it, you should make sure that you know your towbar, know that it’s going to work, and know how to work it. If you have never towed a caravan before, then you might even want to take a caravan towing course, which is available from places like Towing Solutions. After all, setting off with your caravan improperly attached to your vehicle can lead to some very dangerous situations, so you don’t want to risk even a chance of that. Otherwise, make sure that you’re making the appropriate choice of towbar, whether it’s a bolt-on ball, a swan neck, or otherwise. What is most important is that it is set at the correct height and follows regulations, so do a little homework on what those are.

Bring a little extra camping space

On paper, a caravan should be able to provide you with all the space you need to take care of your daily needs, to relax, to stay safe from the weather. However, anyone who has spent enough time in them can tell you that they can feel pretty cramped once you’ve been on the road for hours on ends. Additions like Isabella Awnings can help you add some additional usable space, but they can also help you spend more time outdoors, enjoying the surroundings in comfort. As such, you don’t have to retreat into the campervan for some shade or protection from the elements.

Mind your things

No-one likes the idea of someone on the campsite or even in the same caravan dipping into what they shouldn’t, but it’s not a risk that is without merit. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Even if you are camping alone, then you might want to invest in a caravan safe from stores like Milenco that can help you store any valuables that you might bring with you. If you’re camping anywhere near the wilderness, make sure that you take the time to get a lock for your fridge and use it. It’s not unheard of for the four-legged locals to get into your food if you haven’t fully secured it.

Don’t forget to check the vehicle before setting off

Before you hit the road on your next adventure, you should always make sure that you’re taking the time to inspect the vehicle to ensure that it is in good working order. However, you should perform a quick once over when you’re about to leave your campsite of choice, as well. There are all kinds of things that it’s easy to forget, such as leaving the jockey wheel still on, the wheel chocks still in place, and even leaving the doors and windows still in place. This can lead to some pretty embarrassing mistakes when you try to drive off, and might even do some damage to either the caravan itself or the appliances attached to and in it.

Make sure that you’re topped up before you head away from civilization

It might seem like such a minor and easy mistake to correct, but the fact that it’s so easy to correct is what makes it easy to make, as well. While it’s typically safer to get caught roadside in a sturdy and spacious caravan, it’s still a potentially risky situation that you shouldn’t be putting yourself in. For that reason, make sure that you are using apps such as Petrol Prices to hit up the last possible fueling station before you head out to whatever countryside retreat you’re headed for. You should also make sure that you don’t rely on the accelerator too much but drive slower to conserve fuel.

Caravan camping holidays can, indeed, be utterly blissful, but you have to make sure that you don’t make any of the mistakes mentioned above. Usually, people tend to learn these from experience but why should you ruin a good holiday when the tips above can prevent it?

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