Don’t pass these habits onto your children

When you have children, you want to be the best parent you can possibly be. You want them to have the very best start in life and grow into happy, healthy adults who can make good choices. Of course, all parents have good and bad days, and the quicker you acknowledge that you aren’t perfect, the happier you’ll be as a parent.

Our kids look to us for guidance, and for what to do. From using our logic skills to solve a problem, or being kind to others, our children are like sponges, absorbing every little detail and example that we give them. Sadly, that also extends to the little things too…whether we swear after accidentally hurting ourselves, or showing impatience when we’re driving, we could be unknowingly passing on our bad habits to our children without realising it. 

So, what habits should you be wary of passing on to your little ones? Read on to find out more. 


If you simply aren’t taking care of yourself, your children will see that. If you are putting off doctor’s appointments, avoiding ordering glasses (you can find really low prices online), and skipping the dentists – what are you teaching them?

Are you taking time for yourself too? Showing your children that you can relax and that sometimes the biggest form of self-care is just taking some time for yourself?  Self-care covers everything from daily walks, to managing to tackle your finances.  Don’t pass the habit of not caring for yourself on to your child.


Whether you try to hide it or do it in plain sight, smoking is a dangerous habit that you could be encouraging your children to indulge in. Smoking creates major health issues, takes years off your life, is expensive and leaves smokers with bad skin, breath and teeth. Quitting smoking is the only way to prevent your children from picking up on your habit. Switching to vaping products is a great place to start your quitting journey – looking for an e liquid? Click the link to find out more. 

Also, choosing to quit teaches your children about the importance of perseverance and making healthier choices.  

Unhealthy eating

Everyone deserves a little treat now and again, but that’s what they should be. Treats. Constantly indulging in your favourite takeaway or foods high in salt, fat and sugar isn’t good for you. So this shouldn’t be something you’re passing onto your children. Showing them the importance of home-cooked meals, as well as eating fruits and vegetables will keep them healthy and enjoying a more balanced diet. 

Poor handling of your finances

Finances aren’t taught in school, it’s something that we learn as we get older. However, if you’re spending without question, maxing out all your credit cards, stressing about your financial situation and even arguing about money with your partner, then your children will think that this is normal. Teach them the importance of saving, creating a budget, earning money by working hard and the dangers of credit cards and loans.


Bad mouthing your friends behind their back. Making flippant comments about someone who dresses differently to you, children pick up on these things and then mimic our behaviours at school and as they get older. Always be mindful of who is listening and try to keep your opinions to yourself.

And finally, anger 

Road rage, shouting down the phone, losing your temper regularly. Being unable to control your anger will have an impact on your children. They’ll fail to understand the importance of keeping their emotions in check and being rational. Always remember that little eyes and ears are watching you! 

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