Discover The Delights Of Artificial Christmas Trees

Over the last few years, the changes in the design and manufacture of artificial Christmas trees have been profound. 

Many of them not only look but actually feel like a real tree! Would you like to learn more about these trees’ history, production and availability? Read on to learn about artificial Xmas trees that’ll help you make an informed decision.

Some Historical Facts

The earliest Christmas trees were developed in Germany during the 19th century and were made of wood or goose feathers dyed green! These feathers were attached to wire branches and wrapped around a central post. 

They were available in various sizes from department stores in the 20th century. Sometimes, the tips of the branches would have artificial berries attached – these acted as candle holders. The widely spaced branches prevented fire risks and allowed room to add decorations.

In the 1930s, the first artificial tree made from bristles was produced. The trees were constructed from animal hair and again dyed green. The advantages of this type of tree were that they were less of a fire hazard and could hold heavier ornaments. 

Later, in 1958, Christmas trees were made from aluminium and were popular into the 1970s. Then, the production altered to the supply of PVC plastic varieties, including a range of pre-lit trees available in various colours. 

This was followed by fibre optic designs which resembled traditional trees, or the whole tree was made of wispy fibre optic cables.

Behind The Scenes Production

These days, most artificial Christmas trees have different types of foliage options made from PVC. You can even select mixed foliage to give a customised look! Three main types of foliage are available: classic needle, true needle and pine needle. 

The classic needle is made from slim sheets of PVC cut into fine strands. The needles are flexible, resilient, and often used as fillers in most Xmas trees as they can block light and create density.

True needles are made from injection moulded PE plastic, which copies the texture and structure of natural evergreen needles. Colours are pigmented to mimic the originals, giving great colour variations within the branches. Hues range from browns to pale greens. PE is made to a more exacting standard, and needles are softer to touch but less bendy. 

PVC pine needles have the feel of real pine needles and the size and shape of the needles themselves.

The Tree Selection

Choosing the right artificial Christmas tree for your home is exciting, but bear in mind a few tried and tested tips. 

Consider the Tips 

Tips are one of the key factors here! The more tips you have on your Christmas tree, the better.

How do you put up your tree – Another thing to watch out for is that trees may be hinged or hooked on. Hinged trees are quick and easy to erect as the branches are attached with a hinge and can be easily unfolded and fluffed out. 

Larger Xmas trees often come with separate branches that must be hooked into place. This takes more time and will still need the fluffing out process to complete the look. Look out for one-minute tree systems that save you time and effort!

Size Matters

Choosing the right size for your artificial Christmas tree is essential to creating a festive and harmonious atmosphere within your living space. You should explore the diverse range of sizes and consider each size’s unique advantages.

  • Size range – Artificial Christmas trees are available from 4ft to 15ft, catering to various room dimensions and personal preferences. Understand how different sizes complement varying room aesthetics and gain insights from anecdotes and tips shared by decorators who have effectively utilised diverse tree sizes imaginatively.
  • Slimline trees for space optimisation -Slimline trees present an ideal solution for smaller rooms with limited walking space. Designed to stand flush against the wall, these trees conserve space and allow for creative alternatives such as wall-hanging or strategic use of mirrors to amplify the perceived size and grandeur of the tree. Discover tips on placement and decorating strategies to maximise the visual impact of slimline trees.
  • Bigger trees for grand festivities – Opt for larger artificial Christmas trees, perfect for spacious rooms or areas with high ceilings for a truly grand festive atmosphere. Ensure stability with a robust base, and explore features that make these majestic trees suitable for indoor and outdoor use, creating a bold and memorable statement in your holiday decor.
  • Quality matters – Investing in a premium quality tree is a decision that pays off in the long run. Prioritise durability, realistic branch tips, and sturdy construction to ensure your tree remains a cherished part of your festive celebrations for years. Explore testimonials and expert advice, framing the slightly higher upfront cost as an investment in sustained enjoyment and a conscientious choice for a more environmentally sustainable Christmas tradition.
  • Stability and versatility – The stability of your Christmas tree is paramount, especially for larger models. Explore the importance of a firm base in ensuring stability and learn practical tips on securing the tree. For trees intended for both indoor and outdoor use, discover features that provide versatility for different decorating scenarios and ensure a safe and joyful holiday experience, especially in households with pets or small children.
  • Safety first – Enhance the overall safety of your festive season by opting for flame-retardant artificial Christmas trees. Delve into the safety benefits of choosing flame retardant options and understand how these materials contribute to a secure holiday environment. Highlight certifications or standards that customers can look for when selecting a flame retardant tree, reinforcing the importance of prioritising safety in the holiday decorating process.

Festive Variety

You’ll also have a choice of artificial Christmas trees covered in snow and with integrated warm LED lighting. The tree is beautiful and looks like it’s been under a fall of powdery snow. You could buy matching garlands and wreaths to complete the festive display. 

Check out coloured trees in white, blue, pink and black. These are the latest, trendy trees; you can coordinate them to match your colour scheme! They’re flame retardant with heavy-duty PVC tips and detailed branches – perfect for a modern home.

Fibre optic trees are still as popular today as they change colour beautifully due to the light travelling through the plastic tubing. This form of permanent lighting never needs to be untangled or replaced, and the light doesn’t produce any heat. These trees are economical, energy-efficient, strong, durable, and virtually indestructible!

Time To Take The Tree Down

The beauty of artificial Christmas trees is that you can pack them away and reuse them year after year. 

All trees come in a sturdy box, and it’s wise to keep it for storage. With hook-on tree varieties, remove the branches and pack away with the trunk. For hinged Xmas trees, simply fold the tree to its smallest size and put it back in the original packing. Remember to store your tree somewhere dry.

If your tree has been damaged in any way over Christmas, you could donate it to a charity shop. Consider cutting it up and using the branches to create garlands and wreaths. 

You may be able to take the greenery off the branches and recycle them – the whole tree can’t be recycled completely, unlike natural Christmas trees. This is due to the combination of metals and plastics, which are non-biodegradable.


Finding the perfect fit in the kaleidoscope of artificial Christmas tree options involves an exploration of style, technology, and personal preferences. 

Whether you embrace the timeless elegance of snowy trees, the vibrant allure of coloured designs, or the cutting-edge features of smart and interactive trees, each choice adds a unique sparkle to your festive celebrations. 

From eco-conscious selections to trees that engage your senses, artificial Christmas trees offer an array of possibilities, ensuring your holiday décor reflects tradition and innovation, creating cherished memories for years to come.

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