Dental Crown: 5 Reasons You Might Need One

Having healthy teeth not only gives you a beautiful smile but also helps you speak and eat. If you suffer from any of these problems, dental crowns for teeth might be able to help. Always make sure you have a chat to your dentist and discuss what the right solution is for you. An experienced dentist such as dentist Putney will put you at your ease and answer all your questions.

Not so sure about why you’d need a dental crown? Here are some reasons why you might need this cosmetic restoration. 

You’re Not Happy With Your Smile 

If you have chips, cracks, gaps or fractures on your teeth, you might find it hard to smile confidently. So, in this case, a dental crown might be able to help you. 

Your dentist will essentially shave the underlying tooth so that the crown can be fitted on top of it. So, you’ll retain your original tooth, but all the bad things about it will be hidden underneath the dental cap. That way, you’ll be able to get a “Hollywood smile.” 

You can also choose the colour of your crown and make it as bright as you’ve always wanted. And you can also choose to get a crown on more than one tooth at the same time. 

You Had An Implant 

A dental implant is a metal post that’s used as a replacement for an actual tooth root. Your dentist at The Vallance Dental Centre might recommend an implant if you lost your tooth (to decay or injury). 

With the implant in place, the underlying jawbone won’t deteriorate as well. However, you can’t just leave a metal post in the mouth. 

For one, the screw can appear quite unsightly. In addition, just having an implant won’t restore full functionality. 

In that case, too, you’ll be recommended a crown with the implant. It will surround the titanium screw and blend with your remaining teeth. 

You Had A Root Canal 

If there’s an infection inside your tooth, the dentist will have to remove it by drilling through the crown of the tooth. 

Of course, this part of the treatment is not reversible. Once the tooth is drilled into, it won’t rebuild itself after some time. 

A temporary filling will be placed into the hole drilled into your tooth, but to restore the original strength of the tooth, you might be recommended a dental crown. 

You Need A Dental Bridge 

A dental bridge is when three or more crowns (connected together) are used to replace a missing tooth. 

So, for instance, if you’re missing a tooth, a dental bridge can be placed over it. Of the three teeth in the bridge, one will go in the middle to fill up the empty space. But the other two will be anchored to the adjacent teeth. 

So, if you’re missing a tooth but are not getting an implant, you might want to consider getting a dental bridge. 

You Have Deep Stains On Your Teeth 

If your teeth are very badly stained, and teeth whitening cannot help you, in this case, too, you can consider getting dental crowns. 

By engulfing the entirety of your tooth, it will hide the stains. And the underlying colour won’t show through the crown either. 


Dental crowns are very popular cosmetic restorations, and they can help you in many ways. 

If you’re experiencing any functional or cosmetic issues with your teeth, you can definitely consider getting them. In any case, however, make sure to consult a board-certified and experienced dentist. 

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