Decorative Finishing Touches You Shouldn’t Miss

Getting your house just right can be a lot of fun if you account for everything and are certain in your decisions. However, many homeowners fail to realise the full extent of their ambitions. 

Unfortunately, a 2020 survey revealed that 40% of homeowners thought their properties would never be completed, but people were still desperate to get their décor just right. The problem isn’t apathy. Perfectionists are determined to set high standards and meet them. 

Often, the line between success and failure in décor is incredibly thin. Many deciding factors come down to subtle details and finishing touches, pushing wonderfully decorated rooms over the line to perfection. 

Of course, this begs the question; what are the most important decorative finishing touches? Which ones can’t be missed? If you’re struggling to make things work in your own home, read on for our 6 suggestions that might help you finalise the aesthetics of your rooms. 

Replacing Handles

The handles of doors and draws can be underappreciated. In time, they can be seldom thought of, used almost absent-mindedly and without even glancing at them. 

These attitudes are much harder to maintain when the handles are exquisite. The cupboard door handles from Corston certainly leave an impression, including pull-handles, knobs, and T-bars. Made from solid brass, each handle can be scaled to fit any furniture and comes in all three Corston finishes; bronze, antique brass, and polished nickel. Whether you need cabinet handles, wardrobe handles, or cupboard handles, you’ll find everything you need here. 

Every part of your home should glisten and shine, from windows to the handles that you use. Choice handle replacements can also upscale the furniture it belongs to in its entirety, giving it a brand-new sense of appeal. In the end, these small details can add a lot of class and sophistication to your property. 

Featuring Candles

Candles can be a fleeting presence in the home if you don’t stock up on them. Nevertheless, their contributions to home décor cannot be understated. 

There are many variations to choose from. These include, but are not limited to, classic candlesticks, hurricane lamp candles, LED flame pillar candles, and scented glass jar candles. Each will create a subtly different ambience that’s well worth experimenting with. You can always try something new if you get bored with one type of candle as well. 

Another great reason to look out for candles is they can help you contribute to higher causes. Some are made with eco-friendly ingredients or emit strictly natural scents only. Additionally, LED candles are powered by rechargeable batteries, which can prevent waste. You can feature these products in your home easily and proudly. 

Hanging Art

Art is subjective. Even if you’re not a particularly artsy individual, there’s a strong likelihood there is a piece out there that will evoke at least some emotional response from you. 

The exploration and surprise of art should be something that you consider exploring further. Visiting art galleries, museums, or even amateur exhibits can give you a lot of perspective and perhaps prompt you to rethink how art can be featured in your home. Paintings and sketches can be framed exquisitely for added appeal too. 

That said, household art isn’t just about paintings and pictures. Things like antique sculptures and ceramics can also play an important part. Some of them can be small, too, so you don’t need to worry about them fitting in your home or not fitting in with the rest of the décor. They can be bold statement pieces or subtle accents in any given space. 

Though you have a choice in all forms of décor, art can be immensely personal to you. Furniture, however nice, can be somewhat generic if it comes from a popular store. However, the art you choose to place in your home can be singular and unique, making it extra special. Art could be the answer if you want your home to have a bolder appeal. 

Placing Nicely Framed Mirrors

Mirrors are more than just fine additions to a bathroom. Despite their practical functions around hygiene, they can also help you decorate your home with more style and sophistication. 

After all, mirrors can reflect natural light incredibly well. Because of this, they can brighten up your rooms enormously. Their reflections can also make your rooms seem bigger than they are. If placed strategically, a mirror can enormously influence the atmosphere and feel of your home. 

The mirror’s reflections can also emphasise parts of your home that you already love and would somehow want more of. For instance, if there’s a certain wall or feature you feel a particular affinity with, the mirror can give you more of it without requiring you to overhaul other areas of the property. 

Glass on its own can be rather boring. Like artworks, some mirrors come with their own specially designed frames, but they can also be swapped. Frames can be metal and ornate or simple and wooden. The frame must be appropriate for the glass, too. If the latter is heavy, the former must be sturdy and thick. 

Arranging Flowers and Vases

Indoor plants can liven up space very well. While you may have included a few already, there are finer decisions to make here than just choosing the type of plant you like. 

Of course, the great thing about house plants is that they can have other functions beyond aesthetics. Some might exude an appealing odour that provides a dynamic sensory experience. Others can cleanse the air of toxins, release more oxygen, and require less maintenance. Try to get the lowdown on which types of houseplants might be perfect for your home. 

Choosing the right type of vase is also important. Some of these additions can be works of art in their own right, featuring beautiful patterns or craftsmanship that harkens back to history. If something feels missing with your floral arrangement, a new vase might be yet another finishing touch you need. 

The complexities of your arrangements matter too. Are the flowers displayed in an aesthetically pleasing way? Do they complement the colour scheme of the room? Might there be any contrasts in theme, and would all the flowers be found in the same regions? Answering questions like these can help you strive toward perfectionism once again. 

Your Own Creations

Your decorations don’t always need to come from elsewhere. Even if you think you have no DIY talent, you may be able to surprise yourself by having a go at creating your own decorations. 

After all, you can certainly create art or plant flowers. Still, you don’t always need to start at the very beginning. If you’re interested in decorative touches, you could try to tweak the things you already have at your disposal. 

For instance, you might be able to upcycle certain belongings in your home. You could varnish tired woodwork or strip it down to give it all new looks and fresh appeal. Old ladders could become shelving units, and jars could become plant pots. If you break down any wooden furniture in your home, it might be that it can be repurposed into wine racks or even mirror and picture frames. 

Decorative touches can come out anywhere. If you’re willing to get creative and enjoy the process of trial and error with DIY, you may create some interesting décor that you couldn’t fathom being without in future.

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