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Day out at Raglan Farm Park

Raglan Farm Park is a farm with outdoor paddocks and extensive indoor play that opened to the public in 2016. It’s located in Usk, Monmouthshire, about a 35-40 minute drive from Central Cardiff, 25 minutes from Newport or 40 minutes from Bristol (and no bridge toll anymore don’t forget!) It’s easily accessible for all of South Wales, so an ideal visit for those from Pontypool, Abergavenny, Cwmbran, Monmouth, Merthyr etc. It’s open from 10am to 5pm every single day except Christmas Day and at the time of writing, costs £6 per adult, £5 for children, £4 for senior citizens (ideal for grandparent visits) and children under 3 are free.

Raglan Farm Park Review

When we arrived at Raglan Farm Park after a beautiful drive through the countryside, I was initially a little dismayed to see four school coaches parked in the car park. It was July, and schools were doing end of year trips. I can see why Raglan Farm Park would be a good destination for them, but to be honest, who wants to be surrounded by 200+ primary school children when you’re looking for a mid-week day out with a toddler! So it was with some nerves that we approached the entrance…. but was I right to be worried?

The reception area compromises of a burger-van style cafe which sells burgers and sandwiches, with plenty of seating and a small shop that has snacks, carrots for the animals, toys, a coffee machine and ice cream freezers.

Raglan Farm Park Review - The Menu

Just beyond the reception area is first the toddler room. This was blissfully quiet – we were the only people in there when we arrived, although a few more toddlers turned up later. The toddler area has two sides, one for babies and I’d say toddlers up to around two to three, and then a larger soft play area for the 2-4 years old. Wedged in the middle of age ranges, William mostly enjoyed the larger side at just past two. There was loads of seating both on picnic tables and on comfortable sofas as well as high chairs. You could bring food from the cafe into this area so you could have lunch whilst the kids tear around.

Raglan Farm Park Review - Toddler Ball Pit
Raglan Farm Park Review - Toddler Soft Play
Raglan Farm Park Review - Soft Play
Raglan Farm Park Review - Older toddler soft play

Once out of the toddler areas there are some animals inside to look at, fish, chickens, bunnies, sheep, emu and turkeys, as well as a large sand pit, three different smaller bouncy castles, one massive tractor bouncy castle and then the largest soft play which I’d say is suitable for 5-8+. This is where most of the school children were, but to be honest even with the school there, it felt pretty quiet and spacious, because this place is MASSIVE both inside and out. My worries about the school visit were completely unfounded, which makes me feel pretty confident that even in peak summer time there is plenty of space for everyone to play.

Raglan Farm Park Review - Turkeys
Raglan Farm Park Review - Bouncy Castles
Raglan Farm Park Review - Massive Bouncy Castle

The lambs are fed twice a day, and William got to feed his first lamb which he wasn’t too sure about – but the lamb was certainly excited!

Raglan Farm Park Review - Feeding the lambs

Outside there are swings and trampolines, a tractor which takes you around the fields, zip lines and then fields and fields of tame and friendly sheep, goats, donkeys and horses. We fed them two bags of carrots and they were all incredibly gentle.

There is so much space to run and play outside that I can’t imagine this place every feeling crowded in good weather. In poor weather there’s plenty of stuff to do inside, so we would still visit in the winter just for the soft play, indoor animals and bouncy castles. In fact, of all the farm parks we’ve visited in South Wales I’d say this one is definitely the biggest and offers the most all-weather play, which makes it worth the drive.

Raglan Farm Park Review - Outdoor Play
Raglan Farm Park Review - Outdoor playground
Raglan Farm Park Review - Feed the Donkeys

This is a proper farm (small farm shop attached too), it’s a bit rough around the edges in some places, it’s not all shiny and polished – but it is genuine, hands on fun for the kids. It offers a crazy amount of space to play and things to do and the entry price is fair and the same all year round, so no need to worry about if you’re paying “peak” or “off peak” prices.

I’d definitely recommend a visit if you’re in South Wales. We’ll be heading back regularly for sure.

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