Creating A Home That Always Stays Organised: The How’s

Most of us desire an organised home. However, staying on top of our home’s organisation often seems impossible. The task can feel never-ending if you lead a busy lifestyle or manage a home with a growing family

However, there are things you can do to refresh your home, improve your routine, and maintain an organised home.

Listen up; here, you can discover the best tips for organising your home and keeping it that way.

Organise your garage

The garage might be the messiest space in your home. Are we right? It is common for us to open the garage door and dread our decision. The tidying seems never-ending, so we close the door and hope to do it another day.

Getting new shelving to organise the garage is a great way to keep the space tidy. A garage is a place where most people dump those unwanted-but-might-need-in-the-future items. It is the ideal space for this as it’s away from your living space. However, it makes it prone to chaos and mess.

Nightly resets

While there is no true secret for people who always manage to keep their homes organised, it does help to reset your space every night.

A nightly reset might seem like the last thing you want to do when you are tired and want your bed. But, you will thank yourself for it in the morning. Leaving 15 minutes after you have cooked and cleaned for tidying will mean that everything can be put away, and your home will be in good shape the following day. You might not have the time or energy if you leave your tidying until the morning. Doing it in the evening will allow you to get up and move on with your day with a clean, tidy home.

Floor-to-ceiling storage units

Those who want a tidy home daily must invest in floor-to-ceiling storage units. If you have a corner space that never gets used, why not add a corner unit to store all the items that leave a mess around your home? 

The children’s colouring books, your work bag, and your partner’s tools might never have a place in the home. But, the house can stay tidy when everything has a dedicated place. With a floor-to-ceiling storage unit, you can have a space for the miscellaneous items and keep your home organised. 

Training for: put things back where they belong

Although you might know to put things back where they belong to maintain a tidy home, your family might not. 

If you teach your children to put things back where they belong, things will get much easier. They will understand that their bag doesn’t live on the floor. Training is a good way to teach them etiquette while helping to keep your home more organised.

Maximise your fridge’s organisation

Like the garage, the fridge is another spot that can quickly become unorganised and stay that way for a long time. 

An organised fridge can help you feel like your life is in order. When you can see everything, you can utilise as much as possible. Plus, you won’t need to worry about ten things falling out when you go to grab a snack. An organised fridge is best kept with fridge containers. Having separate drawers and boxes for categorised ingredients and products will make your life much easier.

Drawer separators

Messy drawers are the most annoying things to deal with. You might go to find your socks and spend five minutes rummaging until you find what you want. 

Adding drawer separators/dividers to your cupboards will make your life more organised and seamless. You will easily find things and never have to dread opening your cupboards. 

Furthermore, the ‘put it back where it belongs’ rule will be much easier to follow. If one side of your drawer is for medicine and the other is for bills, you and your family will know where to put things back without making your drawers and cupboards more unorganised. Leaving your drawers and cupboards messy will encourage more chaos.

Multi-use furnishings

Multi-purpose furnishings are among the best things to exist. They allow you to maximise your space while having secret storage. 

You can find ottoman beds and benches for resting and storage. Ottoman beds are an excellent way to keep your bedroom tidy without adding too much to the cupboards or needing extra furnishings. Their two-in-one feature will make your interior much more refined and organised.

Label storage containers

Using storage containers is an excellent strategy for keeping things organised. To maximise their purpose and efficiency, you will benefit from adding labels. 

If you have ten containers in your kitchen cupboards and none are labelled, finding what you are looking for can still take time. Plus, it can be harder to put things back in an organised manner. On the other hand, having labels will keep things more seamless and tidy. You can grab anything you need within seconds thanks to being able to distinguish the item with a simple word or two.

Have a weekly cleaning routine

A weekly cleaning routine is a recipe for success. If you allow your cleaning and tidying to build up, of course things will get out of hand. Waiting to clean and tidy your home when it reaches its messiest point doesn’t help you maintain an organised space. 

With a cleaning routine, you can guarantee to stay on top of your home’s hygiene and tidiness, making your life much easier.

It can help to clean at the same time each week. Finding a time that works for you will help you stick to a routine. Choose a cleaning hour that suits your schedule so you can zone out and focus on your home without distractions.

Ask others to help out

It can be hard to maintain an organised home without the help of others. If you live alone, the process will be simple. However, managing can be challenging if you live with four kids and a partner. 

When others help out, your organisation routine will be much more straightforward. You won’t have to tidy up after everyone, and when you get around to chores, you can enjoy the help of others. Your home management will be much easier and stress-free. 

Declutter your entire home

Eliminating clutter throughout your home is beneficial for maximising your organisation. Trying to find a space for unwanted goods and cramming things into cupboards is not ideal. 

When you have less stuff, it will be much easier to maintain an organised home. Although it can be tough to part with things, it will help your load be lighter. You will have less to organise and find space for. 

Start with your most cluttered room and work slowly around your home. There is no benefit of trying to tackle the entire house at once. When you work around slowly, you can complete the task over a few weeks and eliminate as much stuff as possible. Even with fewer things in the cupboard you can’t see all the time, your home will feel more organised. 

Utilise your walls

Making use of your walls by adding shelves is a great idea. As well as adding shelves to your garage, adding them throughout your home will help keep things off the floor. 

Using shelving for decorative pieces, books, and other used goods will help keep your home tidy and the floor and cupboard tops free.

Track your efforts

Tracking your efforts is a great method for motivation. If you only organise once, your home won’t stay that way for long. If you hope to achieve the ultimate organised home, you will benefit from tracking your efforts.

When you can reflect on the efforts you have made and notice the drastic difference in your home, it will encourage you to keep going.

Stop buying things you don’t need

Filling your home and life up with things you don’t need isn’t going to help the organisation of your space. Buying stuff you don’t need is a waste of money and will only increase your effort to tidy your home.

Have a one-in, one-out rule. This will help you keep your home organised and avoid clutter. If you want to buy a new pair of jeans, get rid of a pair or another item of clothing. Donating it to the charity shop ensures it goes to a good home while you can treat yourself without cluttering your home.

Everything needs to have a place

Everything needs to have a place. This rule pairs well with ‘put things back where they belong.’ 

If something doesn’t have a place, it will live on the floor. Your home will be cluttered if ten things do not have a space. It is best to give everything a dedicated space, so you know you don’t have too much stuff. If things don’t fit in the cupboards, try decluttering. Then, you will know where to put it to keep your home organised.

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