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A while ago I was looking for nursery decor for my son. He’s 13 months old, but is just going to be moving into a new bedroom soon. At the moment we still live in a 1 bedroom apartment, as several unpredictable events have occurred that affected our timeline for moving out. No matter what you plan for, it seems like something new will always crop up! We have been in the process of renovating and decorating our new home where he will have his very first bedroom. I think it’s important to have the personal touch in your own room, and a custom name print offers something that’s both personal for my son and is a memorable keepsake for me. Long after he’s outgrown his current bedroom decor, I know I’ll keep this print as a memory and reminder of where we started.

A review of a beautiful personalised nursery print from Created by Magic. Ideal for a nursery or first bedroom for a baby boy or girl.

His new bedroom has a space theme as my husband is a keen amateur astronomer and we wanted to send the message “You can reach for the stars!” which might seem a little soppy, but I like it. Of course at 13 months old he’s not really old enough to make much of a decision, and I’m sure once he’s a little older we’ll be redecorating again to whatever his obsession is at the time. As a baby he always liked his star mobile, and he loves anything glow in the dark or sparkly, so it fits fine for now!

Here’s a sneak preview of the new room mid-decoration with it’s space theme Mural, curtains and lamp shade.

Created by Magic offer personalised prints, including a new baby name print which is ideal for a nursery room, toddler bedroom, or just as a lovely keepsake print that can be displayed just about anywhere. You choose the details that are included on the print and then can choose a design from various options – including a rocket option which would fit perfectly with our new theme. You can also choose between colours to match an existing colour scheme or for your child’s favourite. Finally you can choose the finish and the size, with A3 and A4 being available.

They also have a pretty massive selection of other nursery prints suitable for any taste or style.

I was sent a print free of charge by Created by Magic to include in our bedroom and I really like it. It comes as an unframed print, at a very competitive price starting from £16. I prefer buying prints unframed, as this gives me the flexibility to choose a frame that most suits my decor. I wanted a bright and colourful frame so I went with this Royal Blue frame from Inov8 – it was under £10 delivered and is very vibrant, with a massive range of colours and sizes available.

The quality of the print and the paper is excellent and I really like the design. This will bring a unique personal touch to his bedroom.

What do you think? Would you want a custom print with your child’s details in the nursery?

Note I was sent a free custom print from Created by Magic to review and share my honest opinion.

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  • Reply Amy June 12, 2018 at 8:21 am

    This looks lovely and I really like that space wallpaper. Where did you get that from?

    • Reply Christy - WelshMum June 12, 2018 at 9:14 am

      Hi Amy, I bought the wallpaper from Wayfair. It was only £30! It’s a mural that you set up in 4 different pieces. I was a bit worried about hanging it but I think it worked out well.

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