Craft the Perfect Patio Oasis with Outdoor Porcelain Tile Finishes


The outdoor patio is the ideal space to create lasting memories and connect with the ever-changing seasons throughout the year. Winters provide the perfect opportunity to gather around a bonfire pit wrapped in a warm blanket with a glass of wine. Summers offer the chance to take a refreshing dip in the pool while basking in the sunlight.

Invest where your heart feels complete, and there is no better way than enhancing your patio with outdoor porcelain tiles. These tiles are highly luxurious, featuring exquisite natural designs that seamlessly blend with your chosen space. Their exceptional durability can withstand the test of time and the elements.

Let’s explore some of the finishes and designs that offer satisfaction to homeowners.

Why Right Finish Is Crucial For Outdoor Patios

When selecting porcelain tiles, there is often a deep focus on designs to enhance your space. While innovation is essential in most areas, outdoor patios require a heightened focus on the finish due to their impact on functionality and durability. Choosing the right finish significantly impacts the following aspects:

  • Ease of maintenance: Outdoor patios’ exposure to dust and debris makes it crucial to choose the right finish to maintain the tiles’ shine.
  • Aesthetics: Setting the right aesthetics is crucial for crafting the ideal atmosphere for a relaxing event or special occasion, with the finish as the backdrop for lively moments.
  • Safety: Ensuring a safe and secure outdoor patio environment is paramount, and selecting tiles with high slip resistance certified to global standards is critical.

Slate Hammered

Slate rocks have always been distinctive and captivating due to their formation from volcanic ash, which has slowly moulded into beautiful stones. The texture of the slate is further enhanced by the hammered finish, promising to capture grandeur and unique variations of the natural appearance. The imperfections create a rugged surface that is especially delightful for a leisurely walk, enhanced by how light bounces on them.

This finish complements various designs and leaves a lasting impression, significantly enhancing outdoor patios. Applying them to your walls and flooring creates a richly immersive experience and forms a deeper connection with nature. Slate Hammered can be combined with various base designs, such as cement, whose features naturally complement the effect.


This finish demands a high-quality manufacturing process, requiring meticulous attention to techniques only some can execute. Essentially, it is achieved by rapidly heating the tiles, resulting in the creation of a pattern with reddish-brown hues and elegant white veins that form branching-out designs. These tiles, with their understated characteristics, can create a charming and radiant outdoor ambience when used in patios.

Fiammata can be mixed and matched with other finishes, such as Honed, Blazed, and Natural, to create a final effect that combines the best features of each.

Stone Honed

The use of natural stone in homes has always been linked to luxury and craftsmanship that captivates residents with its elegance. Natural stones, however, can be challenging to work within a home setting, making porcelain tiles the ideal choice for a refined and polished appearance. The term ‘honed’ describes the appearance of stones like marble and limestone. To achieve a flawless stone-honed finish, the tiles are consistently ground and polished until the surface is perfectly smooth. 

Transform your patios with a honed finish to create a visually appealing and comfortable surface.

Grip Finish 

When kids are running around the home, there’s always a concern that they might slip and fall. Start your outdoor patio makeover journey by selecting the grip finish to ensure maximum safety and security. Beyond the brilliance of their incredible functionality, they are embedded with beautiful patterns inspired by the natural world. These lines bring simplicity, synchronisation and balance, bringing a warm temperament to the home.


Your choice of finish is crucial in creating the ambience for an outdoor porcelain patio. It enhances functionality with high slip resistance and easy maintenance for all to enjoy. A hand-selected finish adds a natural sheen to your oasis with trees and plants, enhancing the festive atmosphere and creating beautiful, lasting memories. 

Your choice of finish, along with the design, plays a crucial role in creating an exuberant outdoor experience.

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