Clothes That Every Woman Should Have

While it’s true that women’s clothing is often more flamboyant and colorful than men’s clothing, there are also certain pieces every woman should have in her closet. These items will help you look great no matter what the occasion, from a casual barbecue to an important business meeting.

Black t-shirt.

Black t-shirts are a staple in any woman’s closet. They’re versatile and can be paired with just about anything: a pair of jeans, a skirt, or even your favorite pair of sweatpants. Black t-shirts are also great for layering—you can wear one under another shirt if you want to add an extra layer without having to wear an entire cardigan or sweater (which makes it easy to remove later on).

Wrap dress.

A wrap dress is a dress that wraps around the body or has an open front, often with a belt that wraps around the body. These dresses are great for any occasion and can be worn at work, casual and formal events. Wrap dresses are flattering on all body types and come in many different styles, colors and fabrics. Pair this with some comfy designer womens underwear and you’ll be ready for any event. Brands like Myla provide products stating, “[Women] are all different ages, shapes and sizes and from many years of fitting experience appreciate that no women’s bodies are the same and have made design features and used special fabrics to accommodate this.”

Before buying a wrap dress, try it on first, so you get the perfect fit!

Button-down shirt.

Button-down shirts are the ultimate wardrobe staple for every woman. These loose-fitting, collared shirts can be worn in various styles and fabrics, making them a top choice for everyday wear and special occasions. Worn with trousers or jeans and paired with a blazer or cardigan, button-down shirts add polish to any outfit.

Button down collars can come in different variations, including:

  • Pointed
  • Square
  • Spread

The buttons will either have holes that match up with buttonholes on the other side of the garment (known as “barrel cuffs”), or they may simply be decorative metal loops (“French cuffs”).

High-quality jeans that fit you perfectly.

A good pair of jeans can instantly lift your look, and you should have a few versatile pairs to wear with any outfit. When shopping for jeans, the best thing to do is try on several different styles in the same size and see what works best for your body type. For example, if you have narrow hips but thick thighs, skinny jeans may not be flattering on your figure. Instead, consider purchasing straight-leg or bootcut styles that will give off more of a lengthening effect in the leg area.

Black pants.

Black pants are a classic that never goes out of style. You can wear them to work, to a party, or to a business meeting. They’re versatile enough that you can dress them up or down, depending on your outfit and the occasion. Wear them with heels and a blazer for an interview; pair them with sneakers and a t-shirt for brunch.

A pencil skirt.

A pencil skirt is a great investment. You can wear it with a blouse, t-shirt, blazer or cardigan and it will look chic no matter your choice. It’s not too long or too short, and the hemline hits at the knee (or just below). If you want to go for something that shows off your legs, then this is the perfect garment!

All in all, you’ll find that the right clothes can really enhance your life. They allow you to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin while still looking stylish and chic. And if you’ve never tried some of these pieces, please do! You just might be surprised by how much better you feel when wearing them.

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