Cleaning your home in a child-friendly way: top tips

Keeping a clean home is essential, and each of us have our preferences on how and when to do it. However, when children are involved, your cleaning routine must involve many more considerations. For example, traditional cleaning methods with harsh chemicals are off the table, since they might pose a health risk to the little ones. Therefore, you must find ways for effective cleaning while keeping it child-friendly too. Here are some top tips on how to do just that!  

Avoid toxic cleaning products 

First and foremost, you must eliminate any harsh chemical-based cleaning products. They can be extremely harmful if ingested, inhaled, or even touched, creating significant risks to children. Luckily, the market today is filled with “green” cleaning alternatives that are eco-friendly and child-safe.  

For instance, cleaning your floors with traditional mop and chemical combination can be dangerous, knowing how much time kids spend playing on the floors. Instead, you may opt for a microfiber mop, such as the Vileda microfibre mops range and the Vileda Turbo Spin Mop, which picks up more than 99% of bacteria using nothing but water. The cloth can then be thrown in the washing machine, so it’s not just safe but super convenient too.  

Additionally, if you do need to use a cleaning solution to help get rid of tough stains, there are many child-friendly options too. Eco-friendly shops will typically offer chemical, fragrance and dye-free cleaning sprays for families. If you can’t find those, however, you may also create your own cleaning solutions from simple household items – baking soda, vinegar or lemon juice are known to be effective yet safe alternatives.  

Use child-friendly equipment 

Similarly to the chemicals you use, the cleaning equipment itself should be child-friendly. For example, choose dusters that are soft and non-toxic. Avoid metal-based cleaning sponges that can easily scratch their skin or be extremely hazardous if accidentally consumed.  

If your kids want to get involved in the cleaning process, you could also consider using equipment that is fun and easy for them to handle. Again, a spinning mop for the floor is easy and safe to use, yet can seem like an engaging tool for the kids. You can also get cloths and sponges that are colourful and friendly looking.  

Proper organisation and storage 

The way you organise and store your cleaning products is one of the most important considerations with children around. It’s one thing to have them interact with the cleaning products with your supervision, but they should never be able to easily access them on their own.  

You should use storage containers with child locks for things like washing machines or dishwasher pods. Everything should be labelled clearly, so you know exactly where everything is – this is especially important if you like to store them in your own containers. Ideally, all of your cleaning supplies would be kept in one place, somewhere out of reach for children.  

Get the kids involved 

Although it might seem like a scary idea, getting the kids involved in your cleaning routine is actually very beneficial for them! This is your chance to educate them on the importance of cleaning, hygiene, and sanitation.  

You can explain why you clean certain items, why laundry is necessary, and the importance of washing their hands regularly. This is also a way for them to learn teamwork skills as they help you out with housework, as well as a great lesson on responsibility.  

Final thoughts 

In conclusion, having children may mean that your home will not be perfectly clean at all times, especially with the many considerations to take into account. However, it’s all about creating a safe, clean environment to support their health and growth, while teaching them to respect the space of their own home from a young age.  

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