Christmas Gift Guide for Primary Schoolers 2021

This Christmas Gift Guide focuses on Primary Schoolers, from around age 5 – 8, with some suitable for up to 10 year olds. I’ve also written gift guides for preschoolers, and one for all your adult friends and family too. I hope these guides help you find the perfect Christmas gift this year!

Some of these items were provided to me free of charge to evaluate and decide if I wanted to include them, many of these items I have purchased myself as gifts for other people at full price. Some of the links in this guide are affiliate links.

Get them Moving with a Micro Scooter

The Micro Scooter Cruiser has big wheels and is extra sturdy, designed for kids between 5 – 10 years, but able to support up to 100kg in weight whilst only weighing 4.5kg itself. The slightly wider design to a normal micro scooter offers a higher degree of control, whilst the big wheels mean smoother journeys and the ability to go off road. Make this the one big purchase for Christmas 2021!

Science Kits for Growing Minds

We love a bit of fizz and experiments in this family, and I imagine yours does too! The Crazy Science Monsters Laboratory starter kit comes with little monsters, wrapped in a bath bomb style “egg”. You fizz them up and then pop them in the brightly coloured fluid containers and watch them hatch. It also comes with a cardboard laboratory and some crazy plant monster figures to role play with. The box recommends age 7+, but we played with this a bit younger, with adult help and supervision. Equally it would be suitable for budding scientists a little older who can tackle it by themselves. Toys and Bears sells a wide range of toys and I love their educational section.

My next recommendation is the Learn and Climb Science Kit. This includes 65 science experiments and comes fully equipment with petri dishes, test tubes, spoons, funnels, balloons, magnets and more! It also has clear child-friendly instructions and a why and how explanation. The box says 5+, but it would need quite a lot of supervision at this age. I think by 7 or 8 children would be able to get hands on more by themselves.

The National Geographic “Sensory Science Kit” is a great kit for younger explorers. Aimed at 5+ (with supervision), it includes some messy hands-on science, including play sand, putty, slime, liquid slime, paints and more. Each experiment is explained in a kid friendly scientific way, whilst being so messy and so hands on it’s bound to keep their attention!

A Healthy Treat Box

I think as parents we’re all aware of how much chocolate and unhealthy snacks our children consume over Christmas. I want my son to have loads of delicious treats and try new things, but I don’t necessarily want him eating tons and tons of chocolate. Treat Trunk is an excellent solution for parents or family members wanting to look at more healthy options. They provide boxes full of healthy, nutritious and delicious treats, ideal for kids or for the whole family.

Family Friendly Board Games

For preschoolers you’re probably very familiar with Orchard Games range of fun and educational games. But once your kids hit 6-7 they’ll most likely start looking for games which have more strategic elements, whilst still being super fun to play. Here are my recommendations for board games suitable for the whole family, but particularly for those in primary school.

Ravensburger’s Labyrinth is a fun and simple to play game for 2-4 players. There’s a lot of replayability here as it’s different every time, due to the moving pieces which make a unique maze every time.

Trivial Pursuit Family Edition works for the whole family because it has simple cards for children, and adult cards for the adults – so mum and dad will have to work quite hard to beat the kids on this one! It’s a much faster paced game than the regular Trivial Pursuit so the kids won’t lose interest half way through. This one is suitable for ages 8+.

Burger Party is a fun card building game where you use your cards to create a burger! The rules are simple and you can play with up to 5 players. It’s suitable for younger members of the family, age 6+, but fun for everyone.

I hope this gift guide helps you find the perfect gift for a child in your family this Christmas 2021.

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