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Children’s Book Review – We’re off to find a unicorn

We’re Off To Find a Unicorn written by Eloise White and illustrated by Cory Reid is a charming take on We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, with a familiar premise and lyrical repetition that children can join in with. You can buy it from the publisher at Owlet Press or take a look at it on Amazon.

We follow a group of people searching for the fabled unicorn and what really stands out to me about We’re Off To Find a Unicorn is how inclusive and diverse those people are, including a child in a wheelchair. Disabled children are massively unrepresented in children’s literature, as are different racial backgrounds, so to see such diversity in a perfectly normal and natural way here is amazing. Well done! This is what we need to introduce our children to from a young age. As you can probably tell, I was very impressed with this aspect of the illustrations.

As we search for the unicorn we meet a bunch of different endangered species along the way and children can learn about different and unusual creatures. Scene by scene colours pop and tons of small details capture the attention.

William and I looked at each page very carefully!

I won’t spoil it for you and tell you if they find a unicorn at the end, but I will say you should pay very close attention and you’re bound to notice a few things on the second read through. It’s a delightful book, very easy to follow along and encourages exploration. William is almost three and is a big animal fan, and enjoyed We’re Off to Find a Unicorn very much, but it would be an especially good gift for any children who love unicorns.

After we read the book we went on a unicorn hunt of our own around the house and we found one, in the Christmas tree!

The print quality on the book is good and the colours are excellent. I’m always very pleased with books from Owlet Press. They are unique and interesting, with an important message to portray in a way that little minds can understand. I’ve also reviewed Santa’s Wish and Elephants in the Custard from this publisher, so check them out too!

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