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Children’s Book Review – My Mother is a Christmas Elf

I’ve always loved Christmas, but getting to read children’s books at Christmas is something new to me. Now that William is approaching his 2nd birthday, he’s starting to get more into books and I know this is a journey we’re going to get to take together, with the Christmas tales we read together building up over the years.

This year we’ve been reading loads of Christmas books, including one that’s quite special.

My Mother is a Christmas Elf by Chantelle Joy Otto is based on Chantelle’s childhood memories of Christmas with her mother, who really loved Christmas and made it special for her daughter. It became so special, that her daughter thought her mother must be a Christmas Elf! Now there’s a parenting sign of success! My Mother is a Christmas Elf has lovely colourful illustrations by Angelina Earley and with easy to read rhymes it will appeal to pre-schoolers and young children. It talks about Christmas traditions and gives some ideas for things you could do with your own family too! It’s a simple tale of spending time doing things together – one that I think any family can take to heart.

Here’s what Chantelle told me about herself and this book:

“I am a Christmas nut, maybe the biggest Christmas fan you’ve ever met. I joined a Forum on over a decade ago and when I was given the chance to take over the site I was so excited. I’ve been working every winter nearly full-time on the site to make it the best, most fun and festive Christmas destination online.

Last year, I decided to self-publish the story of my childhood Christmas Memories – as a gift to my own Christmas-obsessed mother. This book is that gift. I want to share the joy and happiness that Christmas brings to everyone.”

I love supporting self published authors so that makes this book extra special as I truly hope that Chantelle manages to spread her message of love and joy this Christmas. I hope that this is the first of many Christmas books from Chantelle and I know we’re going to enjoy reading it year after year. You can buy the paperback now on Amazon Prime.

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