Changes To Your Home That Will Benefit Your Emotional Health

Thankfully, if there is one positive thing that can be said to have come from the disruption and turmoil caused by the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, it is the fact that matters of mental and emotional health and wellbeing are generally being taken more seriously and are discussed more prominently in mainstream media. 

Whether you are currently dealing with a lot and feel as if you need a relaxing space to recharge at home, or else are looking to redesign and redecorate your home to reflect a more peaceful and tranquil tone and feel, then continue reading to learn of some impressive changes you can make to your home. 

More Indoor Plants

There is a wide number of incredible benefits to one’s emotional health and wellbeing to the addition of indoor plants into a home.

Such advantages of living amongst real living and breathing plant organisms include, but are certainly not limited to, the following:

  • A reduction in levels of anxiety and stress
  • A therapeutic experience gardening indoors
  • A boost in feelings of productivity and motivation
  • Increased levels of energy 
  • An improved quality of air indoors which will benefit the brain
  • Sharpening attention span
  • More chance of recovering from illnesses in a shorter length of time

Sort Your Lights

Lighting plays an incredibly important part in how you feel, especially when one is suffering with feelings of low mood.

Having a mix of lighting in your home (bright lights for working areas and warmer, dimmer lighting for relaxing) can help you to have the appropriate lighting in place at all times. Neon lights on the wall (such as these offered by Neon Mama) could lift your mood in your work and entertainment space, with their colourful lights and fun designs. Also people in colder countries often suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and using daylight bulbs in your house rather than yellow lighting could help to counteract this. Alternatively, a lower lighting set-up, especially in the evening and moving towards the time you normally go to bed, will help to improve both the duration and the quality of your sleeping patterns. 

Another fantastic way to ensure the most natural light is let into your home is to upgrade and update your windows to timber windows, from a reputable supplier such as, which will not only benefit your emotional health and wellbeing, but also increase the overall value of your property. 

Experiment With Colour

Just as lighting can play a huge part in a person’s mood, colour is also a major player.

Different people resonate and respond in different ways to different colours and therefore the shades and tones you choose to surround yourself in your own home will be unique to you. However, colours which are generally associated with peace and calm are cooler colours such as blue and green, in muted and pastel shades. 

Create A Meditative Space

Meditation is an ancient practice that has long been hailed as the one of the best ways to recentre and balance one’s mind. 

It is, therefore, highly beneficial to assign a room, or even a corner of a room, to become your quiet space where you can relax with your thoughts, get lost in a good book or occupy your mind with other hobbies or interests that are entirely personal to you. 

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