Celebrating A Milestone Wedding Anniversary: How To Show Your Love In Style

In this day and age, staying in a happy, healthy relationship is a real skill for many adults. Having a partner who supports and loves you, especially whilst you’re raising a family, is important, and as such, it’s crucial that you celebrate the milestones as they pass. 

With the average marriage ending after just 8 years, anything over that can be considered a real triumph, as long as you are both happy and feel equal and heard. In this case, it can be great to celebrate anniversaries, but finding unique ideas that don’t cost the earth can be tough. 

Whether you’re married or simply in a long-term relationship that’s stood the test of time if you’re hitting a milestone anniversary this year, then here’s how to celebrate in style without breaking the bank. 

Plan An Unforgettable Trip

Taking a trip away together can be a great way to celebrate your anniversary and make memories together. While you might think that a trip abroad is appropriate, if you’ve not got the cash to splash flying overseas, or you want to be close enough to home in case of an emergency, then you could consider a UK-based experience. For example, if you love great architecture and old-world charm, then taking a private punting tour around Cambridge could be an ideal choice. You can enjoy this scenic trip without having the stress and hassle of flying abroad. There are so many great adventures on our doorstep in the UK, so make the most of your location to find something luxurious and fun to do for your anniversary. 

Do A Photoshoot

Commemorating your wedding day with a professional photoshoot is traditional, so why not extend that to your anniversaries? If you want some stunning pictures to immortalise your special someone, then you could hire a professional photographer for anniversary portraits in your formalwear. You can do the shoot at home, in an upscale hotel, or at a picturesque outdoor location. These photos make for cherished keepsakes and can be a great way to keep marking the important moments throughout your relationship if you choose to make an anniversary photoshoot a tradition. 

Try A Quirky Take On Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Milestone anniversaries each have a different material assigned to them for gift-giving purposes, but that doesn’t mean you have to choose a traditional option. Instead, you could choose a funky, custom, modern option that will be something your partner can treasure forever. For example, when you reach your 10th anniversary, the material is traditionally tin. You could consider getting a custom-made tin of your spouse’s favourite food with a personalised message on it. Getting them something unique but tied to tradition can be a fun way to celebrate your ongoing commitment to each other, as well as your quirky sense of humour. 

Renew Your Vows

A more costly and time-consuming option, renewing your wedding vows can be a great way to show your continued love and commitment to your spouse. You can plan an intimate ceremony with close family and friends at a romantic venue like a beach, garden, or anywhere meaningful to you both. You have the option to wear your original wedding attire or get decked out in new outfits, depending on your budget and preference. A second ceremony can be a great chance to make new memories and get a second try at your wedding, particularly if, in hindsight, you weren’t especially happy with your original choices when it came to outfits, decor or food. 

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