Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2021 Together and WIN a pair of Anker Soundcore Life Earbuds

This Valentine’s Day I want to focus on gifts that you can get for a male or female partner, or gifts that you can share. I’m not a materialistic person – the thought and memories behind a gift are more important to me than the actual physical item, and I think that Valentine’s Day is an ideal celebration for focusing on memories, time spent together and experiences. That being said, it’s still nice to receive and gift a present to celebrate together. This year I’m focusing on gifts and ideas that can be given to either partner, that will have meaning to both people, or can be experienced as a couple.

I hope that these ideas appeal to you. There’s also a chance to win a set of Anker Soundcore Earbuds at the end – the gift of music is a wonderful one.

Support Local Restaurants and Cafes

With the pandemic affecting business it’s even more important than ever before that we support local restaurants and cafes. Wherever you live, I can guarantee there is a small business that needs your support and can supply you with a delicious meal. Lots of restaurants will be doing special Valentine’s meals, whilst Afternoon Tea is more popular than ever. Spending time together with a locally cooked meal is a perfect way to celebrate together at home.

Spend time away together

I know it’s a pandemic, but it’s possible to buy travel experiences for a later date. Looking forward to a break away could really bring you closer together right now, and introduce some positivity into a difficult period in everyone’s lives. Arrange to leave the kids with a relative or get an overnight babysitter in and plan a travel break for when things are safe. You could spend Valentine’s Day looking over options and deciding on your perfect break away together. If you’re looking for something in South Wales, I can highly recommend Llanerch Vineyard, check out my review of a romantic overnight luxury stay and afternoon tea.

Explore a new City

Following on from the theme of spending time together, did you know that Town and City Gift Cards are available for over 50 towns and cities around England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland? It can be spent on hotels, restaurants, shopping, pampering and more, so it’s ideal for planning that romantic Valentine’s getaway. Since it’s a gift card it’s ideal for future travel planning. I’ve written a post covering what to do in a weekend in Cardiff, which is covered by the Town and City Gift Cards, which might help you if you fancy a break to Wales’ capital city. By buying a specific city gift card you support the local economy, with lots of small local businesses taking part.

Write a Love Letter

The art of writing has been lost over time. Our grandparents would send love letters and keep those romantic expressions of love and appreciation. These days, we have text messages and voice mails. Sometimes it’s nice to see something written down, and have a physical memento. Writing a love letter – it doesn’t need to be fancy poetry, just tell them how you feel and why you love them – would be a fantastic personal gift. I love this vintage letter writing set which lets you write your letter with style, but ultimately, it doesn’t matter what paper you do it on, as long as it comes from the heart.

Share A Gift Experience

A SmartBox from Buy A Gift has a wide range of experiences you can do together from afternoon tea, romantic breaks away, car experiences, adventure experiences and loads loads more. Something to suit every couple. We might not be able to do much right now during the pandemic, but this is a gift that you can enjoy later.

El Camino Bracelets

I absolutely love the concept behind El Camino Bracelets. You choose your bracelet or necklace and then buy “Steps” which are charm circles which fit on the bracelet. These steps are available for countries, cities, adventure’s, seas, regions and more. You can also get dividers and spacers to create the look you want. You customize the bracelet to mark your travel journey. I think this has to be one of my favourite jewellery concepts so far. This is a practical piece as well as looking amazing. You could wear it whilst traveling comfortably, so it can come with you on your next adventure.

I’m really impressed with the options available, and the quality of my El Camino Bracelet. I’ve started my journey with two countries that are super important to me – Wales (yes, you can buy Wales, you don’t have to have the United Kingdom!) and the United States. As many of you already know, my husband is American and we spent most of our relationship travelling between Wales and the USA to see each other. To add some colour to my bracelet I also went for the Mediterranean Sea, to mark the fact that we went on a Mediterranean Cruise for our honeymoon. You can even customize a step to say whatever you want. As you can see, this bracelet is really personal and would make an excellent gift for a male or female partner.

Our Moments – Conversation Starters

I’ve been married for 13 years (I had to mentally double check that). Sometimes my husband and I get stuck in a bit of a rut with our conversations – especially lately, with our lives so dramatically scaled back. We talk about work, our son, our pets, the house, the housework, any family stuff that needs to be dealt with – sound familiar? Our Moments is a pretty simple concept. You pick a card, it has a question or conversation topic, and you discuss it. Ideal for over dinner, or after dinner once the kids are in bed. Or even in bed, one thing to talk about before you go to sleep every night. It’s just a kickstart to having quality conversations that aren’t about when the cat is due her booster injection or whether someone needs new shoes. There are 100 cards, so it should last a while!

If the idea of these cards doesn’t appeal to you, you could easily make your own if you have a list of things you’d love to get around to discussing, or this can just be a reminder to talk more to each other about yourselves, your hopes, desires and dreams.

Win a pair of Anker Soundcore Life Wireless Earbuds

To celebrate Valentine’s Day I’m sharing a competition to win an amazing prize! Enter using the widget below to win a pair of Anker Soundcore Life Earbuds. You can view the full specs on Amazon where they’re selling for £37.99. Gift them to a loved one if you win, or keep them for yourself, we all need to love ourselves more too!

T&C: Winner will be drawn randomly on 14th February. Prize will be sent next day delivery. UK addresses only.

Win a pair of Anker Soundcore Life Wireless Earbuds worth £37.99
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