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Should you take an infant to a funeral?

After the shocking death of a relative, I was in the position of having to decide whether to take my 12 month old son to the funeral. I weigh up the pros and cons and talk about the decision I made, sharing my tips about the experience.

10 Essential Steps to Financial Planning for a Baby

Family Financial Planning for a new baby

We needed a crash course on financial planning for a baby after my husband thought that we’d only need to use one or two nappies a day! I share the ten things you need to take into consideration when thinking about your financial future after increasing family size.

Our 12 month Morning and Evening Routine

Cute Sleeping Baby or Toddler

Recently I’ve been talking to friends and fellow bloggers about morning and evening routine. As William hit 12 months and beyond, we started wondering how it worked in other peoples homes. It’s quite interesting to see the range of answers I received and how interested people were in my morning and evening routine too!

Self Employment and Paternity Leave Needs to Change

Talking about self employed paternity leave and maternity leave as well as shared parental leave, and how it needs to change.

Did you know that self employed dads qualify for zero paternity leave and that shared parental leave can’t be taken between self employed parents? I’m discussing self employment, maternity and paternity and why it needs to change.