Christy’s Caravan at Trecco Bay

Hello! If you’re seeing this page it’s probably because you’ve emailed me about my caravan and I’ve sent you the link. If not, please check out my full caravan listing here. This is where I keep availability up to date and it shows prices for every week!

This page is just so that I can send out the same information to the folks who’d like to book the caravan and with some FAQ’s that I often get asked.

If you’d like to book the first thing you need to do is check that your dates are available here and then email me through the Caravans4Hire Link. Whilst I try to keep dates as up to date as possible, if two people email me on the same day or I am still waiting for a deposit, it might not be available, so you need to double check first. When inquiring, it would really help if you let me know if you have any extras (such as a dog) or if you have any special needs or questions. I’ll get right back to you.

If you have emailed me and I have got back to you with a date and price then I’m currently holding the caravan for you for 24 hours whilst I wait to receive a deposit. If you don’t get back to me within 24 hours and someone else is interested, I’ll move onto them. Sorry if this seems unfair, but you wouldn’t believe the amount of people who say “Yes I’ll definitely book!” and then never get back to me, leaving me turning away other customers because I’m holding the van for people who never return emails again.

To pay the deposit please click this booking form and fill in all of the fields.

Then you will need to pay either by bank transfer or paypal. I do not accept cheque, sorry. The details for both are on the form.

The deposit is £50 and the balance is the total minus the £50. This deposit is included in your total. So if I quote you £400, the price is £50 deposit + £350 balance.

After you have booked please hit reply on the original email from me where I gave you this link, just to let me know the deposit has been sent.

I’ll reply to this with confirmation that it’s been received, and then to the link containing all the information you need about the holiday, key pickup and van location. This is all available online so you can get it on your phone or tablet but there is also a copy printed out in the van for reference if you need it.

I just want to take the time to thank you for getting in touch and to stress that our Trecco Bay caravan is a family caravan. My husband and I bought it when we found out I was pregnant in 2016 to celebrate our family life together, as it’s a site I have been going to with my mother and grandmother since the 80s! We currently rent the van out because our son is very young and also as we only use it now and again due to work restraints and because it helps to cover the ground fees for each year. Everything in the van is there because my family uses it and that’s why it has so many extras, features and conveniences that the commercially rented vans don’t. We want you to be as comfortable there as we are and we hope that you will treat our family holiday home with the same respect you would if it were your own.

Thank you!


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