Can You Create a Home Gym in a Rented Property

This article will provide you with the information that you need to determine whether you will be able to set up a home gym in a rented property.

Read Your Lease and Understand Your Rights

The first thing to do is to read and understand your lease and your rights to the property that are guaranteed to you therein. It may not specifically state that you can’t have a gym, but if it is an apartment or you live above someone, then you will need to ensure you have the requisite soundproofing and permissions. The lease will also clearly state how you need to leave the property and, as such, you need to plan for this when you choose what to do, as any changes to wall colours or flooring will need to be removed.

Select the Space Carefuly to Cause No Harm to Floors and Walls

If you don’t have specific permission, then you need to ensure that you cause no harm to the property. No posters on walls unless you intend to re-paint and no hanging punch bag. Look to use a compact home gym set-up that will provide the ability to work the entire body in a small enough space. The Mirafit Home Gyms provide a splendid example of what’s available and how small a home set-up can be. Select the space with care, look to use an outdoor space, such as, a garage or basement, and then you can effect more changes and create more of a personalised space.


Using a space for exercise over a prolonged period is sure to leave a few lingering scents and the smell of exercise isn’t everyone’s favourite, so ensure that the space you choose can be ventilated and aired from time to time. Having the space cleaned and well-ventilated from time to time is necessary and will save a great deal of time and stress when you need to move out.

Be Aware of Your Neighbours

If you’re in an apartment, flat, or semi-detached property, you need to be aware that your neighbours will most likely be able to hear your exercise regime, unless you have a rubberised floor and are using a room with solid walls. Thus, don’t be exercising at all hours of the night or expect them to report you to the property owner. Just show some common decency and ensure that the space you choose for your gym is as isolated as possible and that you’re not waking the neighbours. Alternatively, ask the neighbours if the noise disturbs them and perhaps adjust the times that you exercise to minimise this disturbance.

If you have a good relationship with the landlord, you may be best placed simply asking for permission and then you will probably be able to do more with the space. The legal state of play will always be written and explained in the lease, and failing this, ensure that you don’t make any pricey additions or cause any damage to doorways and walls when moving the equipment in and installing.

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