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Can I Fit A Basket To A Bobbin Bike?

A basket is one of the best accessories you can add to your bike. Gone are the days when bikes were only designed for adventures. Sometimes all you want to do is take a short trip to get all your daily errands done. 

However, you might wonder if adding a basket to a Bobbin bike is possible? Thankfully, the answer is yes. But Bobbin bikes come in different styles and naturally need different types of baskets. 

Not every basket fits every bike. In this article, we’ll explore fitting baskets for Bobbin bikes! You can click here to browse Bobbin’s basket collection Otherwise, let’s get started!

Do Baskets Fit in Bobbin Bikes?

The short answer is – yes. Since Bobbin bikes are meant for daily trips and commuting, baskets can be quite handy. 

These baskets can especially be beneficial for your kids too because they can carry water bottles, snacks, or any other things in these baskets. In fact, you can check out this website to find some of the best kid basket options. 

How to Attach A Basket to A Bobbin Bike?

There are various ways in which a basket can be attached to a Bobbin bike. Find a few ways right here!

  1. Ones with support struts

Sometimes baskets are already fitted with support struts which make your job easier! These can be directly connected to the axle of the front wheels or screwed to the front forks with the help of P-clamps.

  1. Ones with straps

Wicker baskets are aesthetically pleasing. Woven with sticks, stems, or reeds, these baskets transport commuters into ancient times. These baskets can simply be attached to the bike with straps.

However, remember that these dainty baskets are only meant for light usage – maybe some books or snacks are all these baskets can carry at once. 

Thread the straps through the wicker basket and circle them over the handlebar. Once this step is completed, you can tighten the straps using the buckles until the basket feels sturdy.

These straps are often made from leather. However, these days you can also avail many vegan-friendly strap options. 

  1. Ones with hooks and clips

If you want to attach metal baskets to your Bobbin bike, hooks and clips are the best accessories to get this job done. These type of baskets typically come with brackets. If you find these with your metal baskets, then you can easily pair hooks and clips with them. However, sometimes, you might have to secure the basket with additional straps.

Final Words

A Bobbin bike is the perfect companion. They’re an eco-friendly travel option and, with basket customisation, you can ensure that these bikes help you accomplish your daily chores!

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