Budget Home Improvement Ideas – Reinvigorate Your Home Without Breaking The Bank

When we think about decorating or renovating our home, it’s easy to shoot those ideas down quickly due to having a limited budget. Even with the best will in the world, it’s easy to let things get out of hand when decorating, with costs adding up quickly, which is why many shy away from these projects before getting started. However, there are a number of home improvement projects that you could try which can significantly improve the look of your home without hurting your bank account. Here are some of our top home improvement suggestions that you can do fairly cheaply. 

Paint Walls And Cabinets

While it’s quite well known that paint can be costly, it’s usually not too much of a problem if you are only painting a room and aren’t redecorating the whole place with new furniture and décor. A fresh lick of paint for your living room, kitchen, or bedroom can make the place feel brand new. Investing in some quality paint is a good idea for this, too, especially if it’s the only thing you’re going to be doing, as you will be less likely to have to apply more than one layer. While the higher quality paint will be more costly, you won’t necessarily need to get more cans of paint, and this will also help you to cut down the amount of work you have to do if you do a good job on the initial layer. Remember that the room colour can have an impact on your mood as well, so make sure you choose the right colour for the space.

Put Up New Shelves

There are many reasons to add shelving to a room. There are also a number of different types of shelving you can choose from, from shelves affixed to the walls to freestanding shelving units. First of all, a shelving unit can help you by acting as an extra storage solution. This can declutter your room which will in itself can help to improve the look and feel of a room. They can also be used to display items like picture frames, ornaments, and artwork. You could also add certain types of shelving to a room that serve more of a purpose than simply displaying items and acting as storage. For example, in your bathroom, you could add a shelf that can hold your freshly washed towels on the shelf itself, which also has an integrated, collapsible drying rack and clothing hooks. The drying rack adds extra functionality to the shelf without permanently taking up extra space in the room. 

Add A New Backsplash To The Kitchen

We’re all aware of how dirty a kitchen can get, from the floors to the countertops and everything in between. Cooking sauces can splash up onto the walls around your cooking hob, and if you don’t have anything in place to prevent this, your painted walls can become stained and difficult to clean. This is why most kitchens tend to have what is known as a backsplash in place. This is an easy-to-clean surface, often made out of tiles or some other glossy materials, so any dirt or grime that flies up from the cooker can be wiped off quickly and easily. Due to being made out of different materials compared to the rest of your kitchen, you can use this backsplash to be an eye-catching focal point of the room too. Choose some decorative tiling that stands out from the rest of your kitchen, adding an aesthetic trait to a wholly functional part of your kitchen. 

Get Some Indoor Plants

Once someone has finished decorating a room, a lack of greenery can make them think that something is missing. Adding house plants to any room can be a fantastic way to brighten the place up, even without decorating anything else. There are so many benefits to adding plants to your home. When browsing online plant stores such as The Stem, finding the perfect indoor plant for your home is easy. You can filter plant options by room, ease of care, light needs, and many other categories. This will allow you to find the right plants for each area in your home. For example, let’s say you have a darker space in your home, but you’re also not great at keeping plants alive. A kentia palm or a heart-leaf philodendron would be perfect for this. 

Buy Some Rugs

Instead of ripping up your carpets and replacing them with a new, expensive carpet or wooden flooring, you could add rugs to your home. There are countless different styles of rugs as well as different sizes that you can find. For example, let’s say you are looking to spruce up your living room. A large run that can take up a majority of the room is a great way to steal the focus away from your old carpets and add an attractive splash of colour and warmth to a room. Not only does it make your room more appealing, but a thick and soft rug can also add extra comfort to the room, which is perfect during the wintertime. Other types of rugs include smaller variations that simply add an extra aesthetic touch to a room and runners for hallways and stairs. A runner can also add a level of safety if your hallways and stairs are wooden, as these can be slippery at times, and a runner will reduce the chance of anyone slipping on these surfaces.

Choose Some New Curtains

Lighting can have a huge impact on how your home looks, and one feature of your house that can influence this light, blocking it or assisting it in spilling throughout your home, is your curtains. Changing the type of curtains you have can significantly change how a room looks. For example, choosing some lightweight curtains that are a bright colour will help to reflect natural light into the room and will even allow you to close the curtains for privacy without losing much light. On the flip side, if you want to make a room cosier, you could instead choose some heavier and darker curtains. These will help you to shut out the light much more easily and can also help you to keep warmth in too. 

Upcycle Your Old Furniture

Before throwing away any old furniture after decorating or buying a new piece, consider whether or not you could fix up that old furniture and repurpose it elsewhere in your home. For example, you could turn an old wardrobe into a coffee or drinks bar by removing the top doors and adding some shelves inside. Or you could turn your child’s old crib into a desk for their bedroom. You may need to make a few repairs and add a splash of paint to whatever you’re fixing up, but overall the process of upcycling can be very rewarding and easy. Upcycling your old furniture is a cheap way to add an interesting piece of furniture to a room while also doing your bit for the environment by reducing your waste. This is also a great way to keep any old items that hold sentimental value to you, such as old furniture that belonged to family members or things that your children grew up with.

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    Great tips, it doesn’t need to cost a fortune to make significant improvements to a home! I love the idea of having more plants in the house, and you can change the whole colour scheme with some new curtains and a rug! Thanks for sharing!

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