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Best Post-Lockdown Family Days Out

There is little doubt that we are all looking forward to the end of Lockdown. It will mean many things, and among those will be the chance to plan family days out, something you can be sure we will never take for granted again. What once seemed like the simplest of things will feel like a real privilege, and there is little doubt we will all want to make up for lost time, and we won’t want any half measures.

Planning these can be exciting, from the quick trip to the coast to a bigger day out in London or one of the theme parks like Alton Towers or Legoland. Word of warning though, many of these idea suggested below can be expensive, so if you are financially stretched there always free alternatives – see this guide for some inspiration.

The making of Harry Potter

Twenty years after the boy wizard became one of the most famous characters in children’s literature, but as this piece in The Mint shows; the popularity of Harry Potter is still very high with fans all over the world. The studio tour in London is naturally more concentrated on the films and a day watching how it was all put together might be an incredible place to start when the restrictions are lifted.


If theme parks aren’t your thing and the kids really want to let off some steam, then this mix of treehouses, zip wires, jungle bridges, storytelling, boat trips, and marsh walks could be just what the doctor ordered. There is plenty there to keep the family occupied all day and a strong possibility that you’ll have no trouble getting them off to sleep that night.


Not among the first places you’ll be able to take the family after Lockdown, but possibly well worth the wait. Eureka, the National Children’s Museum, is split into six zones where the kids can learn about themselves and the world we live in, all carefully disguised as a fun day out.

Cadbury World 

Again, this one won’t be open straight away, which might be a problem if your house is full of impatient chocaholics. When you get there, though, you’ll be able to experience a wide range of activities all involving the making and eating of chocolate. It might be a bit of a journey for some, but there should be few complaints when you explain what is at the end of it!

Chester Zoo

There are very few people who don’t like a day at the zoo, and Chester Zoo is regarded as one of the best. You have the usual range of lions and rhinos and monkeys to keep the kids amused and entertained, all underlined with a strong conservation method. The only bad point is that the famous monorail has stopped running.

Final Thoughts

The last twelve months have been especially challenging for parents, and the chance to really go out and celebrate the end of Lockdown should not be missed. With a few days out at the park or the beach and a couple of ‘big’ days out like the ones above, you’ll soon be able to kick out any Lockdown cobwebs and look forward to the rest of 2021.

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