Before summer ends, make sure you’ve done these house maintenance tasks!

I know, I know, summer has only just started. And with many children not returning to school now before September due to Covid-19, it often feels like the summer holidays started several months ago. But, amongst the paddling pools, the sandy toes, the days in the sunshine and endless ice lollies you have planned, you still have work to do…

Now that the sun is shining, it makes sense to get round to all those little jobs that just aren’t doable in the colder months of the year. Some tasks might take a couple of days, others just a couple of hours, either way getting on top of these jobs now will make your life considerably easier further down the line. Don’t worry, you’ll still have plenty of time to have fun with the kids!

Read on to discover what home maintenance tasks you need to have done before summer ends.

Your boiler

The last thing you want to do right now is put the heating on. However, having your boiler in good working order is essential for hot water and for when those nights do eventually turn cold again. If you think you need a new boiler, why not consider looking at boilers on finance? There are lots of flexible options which may be a little more budget-friendly than one huge payment that you’ll struggle to afford. 

Your air conditioning

If you have an air conditioning unit, then having it cleaned and maintained is essential to keep it working correctly. Having it done at the beginning of summer means you’ll have it working properly as the temperatures start to rise.

Cleaning your windows

Dirt, grime, streaks and grease from passing cars – your windows go through a lot. So, now the summer months are here, it makes sense to give them a new lease of life and get them washed. You can find a range of simple home-made window cleaning solutions online or simply call in the experts to have the squeaky clean in no time. You won’t believe the difference.

Your smoke/carbon monoxide alarms

There’s nothing more frightening than a house fire. Which is why checking your smoke alarms is essential. The same applies to your carbon monoxide alarms. Give them a quick test run, right now. It only takes a second. 

 Your drains

No one wants their drains to overflow, as the mess it creates is unsightly and can lead to all kinds of problems – like bad smells! Take the warm weather as an opportunity to clean out all your drains and gutters and have them covered and protected from further debris where possible. 

And finally, your carpets

Carpets are a magnet for dust, grime and ground-in dirt. Sometimes we don’t realise how bad they really are. Before summer is over, get your carpets cleaned properly in every room – you’ll be amazed at the difference in looks, in texture and in smell! Thankfully, the warm weather means that they’ll dry quicker too. 

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