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Beating Boredom with Spin master Games

Disclaimer: I was sent this Kinetic Sand and Meccano to review and share with you. Words and photos are my own.

When you’re stuck inside it can be hard to keep kids entertained so I’ve been trying out some games from Spin Master to keep the whole family entertained. We’ve had fun with Spin Master Games before, they have a wide catalogue from family friendly board games like HedBanz, Otrio and the classic Jumanji, popular toys like Hatchimals, educational entertainment like Meccano, and sensory entertainment like Kinetic Sand. This week we’ve been getting hands on with the latter two.

Kinetic Sand

William has just turned three so this Kinetic Sand is the perfect age for him. It stimulates his imagination and lets him get hands on with sensory creation. He loves his sand pit and he loves play dough, so I already knew Kinetic Sand was going to be a winning combination – and it was! He is happy to play with this for a solid hour (and that’s a massive amount of time for him) at a time, creating towers, shapes and colours and delighting in then chopping it all up with his slicer.

The rainbow kit comes with three different colours which can be mixed as well as a few different tools to build and shape. It’s a great little starter kit and easy to unpack and then pack away once we’re done with it. As a mum I much prefer Kinetic Sand to playdough as well as it’s easier to clean up and won’t get stuck in his hair which is definitely a win.

I think this one is a definite must as it’s suitable for age 3+, yet still has lots of creative options for older kids so siblings can play together.

Please don’t ask about the haircut. All I can say is we couldn’t get to the hairdresser and mistakes were made…

You can buy Spin Master’s Kinetic Sand at shops like Amazon, Argos and Smyths.

Meccano Maker System

For older kids Meccano are fun, educational and really work the brain power of everyone (adults included) as you figure out how to put together the kit to make different shapes. This Easter we’ve been trying the dinosaur kit, which makes 10 different models (a set of three instructions in the box and you can download the rest for free on the website) out of 179 parts and each model could take between 30 to 90 minutes to build in our experience, depending on which one. It’s aimed at children aged 8+ but it’s definitely something that older kids and adults can get hands on with too if you want to get involved.

The full range (check it out on Amazon) includes everything from bikes, cars and trucks to dinosaurs, robots, rockets and buildings. There’s also a Meccano junior range for 5+!


Hatchimals are a coll-egg-tible toy where you can hatch your own darlings, with an absolutely massive range of options. These are a very affordable treat too as you can buy them in small packs, or go all out for a bigger gift. William loved hatching them and the excitement of not knowing which exact toy you’re going to get until you open it.

Paw Patrol

Spin Master also make Paw Patrol toys and I have a massive Paw Patrol fan on my hands. I can highly recommend the full range of Paw Patrol products.

You definitely won’t be bored with some Spin Master toys!

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    Great ideas to beat boredom right now. This beautiful weather isn’t going to last so we need a stockpile of stuff we can do indoors.

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